Fabulous Face Friday #alexoloughlin #DrAndy


Isn’t it a conflict of interest to have a doctor that stops hearts, when he works in a heart hospital??

Or is it just a smart business plan?? hmmm…..

19 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday #alexoloughlin #DrAndy

  1. I must say we don’t see DR Andy in here often enough – and then I must remember, there is so little to work with!!
    Andy is/was just plain BEAUTIFUL
    And what a perfect picture!!
    The Jaw – my new favourite
    THAT mouth – with parted lips and that tiny pit of tongue *sigh*
    The nose – for me always perfect, but not often seen from this angle.
    Then those EYES,,,,, compassion and amusment all in only on this occassion
    The lashes speak for themselves – I need not say a word to sing their praises!!
    And the brows just finnishes of all the Alex pretty that made up Dr Andy
    Think I will lie down now……..

      • I see I was so distracted and some nasty typo’s showed themselves::
        – “Bit” of tongue, and not pit of tongue
        – And the eyes I meant “compassion & amusement all in “one” not “only”
        – And of course finishes is only with one “n”……
        ALL Andy’s fault for being so damn gorgeous!!

          • I fully admit this one took my breath away when I saw it. It’s from the unaired pilot which they eventually aired as episode 9 after the show was cancelled. It looks so completely different in every way.

            My buddy @rocsfan sent me the caps to it….I may have to give this episode another rewatch. *for reasons*

            • I loved this episode – despite the glaringly obvious continuity problems in that it was aired as episode 9, yet the hospital looked completely different and the entire cast looked like they had gone for makeovers.

              The blue scrubs they wore the entire episode were WONDERFUL.

              • I didn’t even notice that one of the episodes looked different. I guess I was so distracted by the pretty…damn Alex was BEAUTIFUL as Dr. Andy!! Apparently I’m still distracted because I can’t remember which one was episode 9…what was the plot about? I know..I know…plot smot…okay then…who was Dr. Andy saving in this ep?

                • Ok, I’m embarrassed I know this! lol!! But he was saving a basketball player (or was it football)?? He gave him the pep talk about second chances, blah blah. It was pre-Quol and while it actually was a decent episode (maybe better than the one they actually aired as the pilot), it just didn’t feel the same without Quol. No Andy and Quol makes ESS very sad…

    • Well most Wednesday’s are devoted to Dr. Andy….sometimes we change it up but White Hot Wednesday’s are usually Dr. Andy days. I looooooooooove Dr. Andy and yes, tragically there is much less to work with. 😦

  2. Perfect picture of a perfect face. Almost unbearable to regard, it is so beautiful it hurts.
    And fab caption, btw. 😉

  3. FOYeur – aside from EVERYTHING you mentioned, I love the little area right under the earlobe – such a good place to nibble. Such deliciousness. Sigh…. THUD……

  4. ACA with FOYeur! He is so pretty, but I can’t help noticing he looks a little out of breath. I tried not to, but all I can think of is how I’d love to play doctor and naughty nurse in the supply closet with him 😉 “Be still my beating heart” ..and my raging hormones. *sigh*

  5. Alex was stunningly beautiful as Dr Andy, He believed in the goodness of the doctor that he was portraying so much that He was almost incandescent in some scenes.,His beauty became almost unearthly . like an angel of Mercy I still get chills looking at him as this amazing surgeon and man.

    • Pomminana, I literally get heartbroken when I think about how much this show meant to Alex and how much he believed in it and it’s message. There was a happiness in his interviews that I don’t think we’ve seen again until this year. I wish CBS had given this show more of a chance. But then again, we wouldn’t have McGarrett.

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