Thigh Holster Thursday #alexoloughlin #BAMF



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    • You know that’s one of the things I really appreciate about Alex’s portrayal of McG. I notice this more as I screencap more episodes….but he’s always “on” as McG. Whether he’s in the background or the main focus, Alex has his game face on and brings the intensity to McG that you would expect of a SEAL or anyone doing this kind of work, really. He’s all about bringing the realism, as much as he has control over, to the show and I greatly appreciate that. One more reason it kills me he’s so underrated…

      • HeΒ΄s not just playin the character. He IS that person!! I LOVE IT! I just know TBUP, CM and H50… But yes, I really love him, for his actin or better to say NOT actin!!!

      • That is what I was thinking when I looked at the ones of him just standing there on the porch in the BTS set last week. His expression and demeanor were of a guy just sort of waiting or standing (veery hot don’t get me wrong) but his bamf was turned down low while between scenes. I don’t know what level it was on when he was talking to the potted plant. πŸ™‚ We should check back and see if it was all wilted now for it’s interrogation experience. If it was a ‘female’ plant there are probably little sprouts all around it now. (do plants have ovaries?)

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