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Dear Alex O’Loughlin,

It is sometimes hard to put into words how much your acting moves me. I get excited when you’re BAMF and angry and angsty.  I smile like a child when you are happy and carefree.  I get emotional when you’re sad and have a heavy heart. Thank you for being the amazing actor that you are.

Butt please don’t expect me to think of that first when you wear shorts like these on screen. Please allow me a few moments to forget all that and flail like a total fangirl!

I promise I’ll still respect you in the morning.

All my love,


PS….Thank you.







40 thoughts on “Episode Teaser pics #H50 episode 3.16 #alexoloughlin #michelleborth

  1. That’s going to be one crowded house if Mom’s date has a sleepover. Thin walls and all that….can you IMAGINE McG hearing Mom calling out to God?!?

    *picks self off floor* *wipes drool off face* *thinks, why is he trying to kill me?”
    Now I know why TPTB do not have McG dress like this more often…BECAUSE.ALL.THE.FEMALE (and quite possibly some male) VIEWERS.WILL.DIE….and there would be no one left to watch Show!!

  3. 2nd pic … Beautiful hairy arms and legs and more scruff than usual. And the leather sofa. The trifecta! Thud!

  4. I’m going to point out the obvious…(1) his @ss in those shorts is so high and tight (2) his hairy legs (3) his enormous “want them all over me” hands (4) the guns and (5) the neck vein p0rn….make my lady parts tingle. Michelle is one lucky lady! I’m trying to keep the jealousy down to a minimum 😉

  5. OMG, just loving this episode so much already. Why don´t we see his legs more often in this show? They live in HI and always wear pants?
    Btw bookemdanno says these pics are from 316…

  6. Someone needs to put a towel or something on that couch. Leather is very sensitive to moisture,
    and I’m guessing there would quite a bit if he were laying on top of me 😉

  7. Ok, longs pants, shorts, both I love. Now it’s time for a towel scene wrapped around that amazing ASS & THE FOY. They gotta give a girl more and please make the towel a very soft hand towel. Hey a girl can dream right. I digress, Thanks Ess for sharing and giving me a chance to make a wish. 😉 😉

  8. Just noticed Steve’s hands in his pockets during mom’s kiss on the cheek. No more hugs for the LLWL!

  9. those britches are snug as a bug in a rug on that booty of beautiful McG…thank you very, very, very much for bringing that booty back!!! And, I would sign your letter too : )

  10. How glad am I that I didn’t see this until after work – fairly sure I would have been fired for this degree of perversion in the work place! ACA with all butt comments, so biteable!

    • True story. Last night I was at a friends house, she was having an emo crisis and as i was putting my phone in my purse I saw a text say “NEW MCROLL ON THE COUCH!!”

      Being the good friend I was, I put my phone in my purse and didn’t check it until she had to go to the bathroom. That made it WORSE!! No one told me shorts & dat ass was involved!! *Sigh* Pretty sure I deserve the friend of the year award for putting it aside and focusing (as much as possible) on my friend. Funny, she’ll never know how hard it was for me last night. LOL!!

  11. Oh my god! Friend of the year? Sainthood I would think! Last night I was with the friend who 14 months ago said to me ‘you should maybe check out the new Five-0, it’s fun and you’ll probably like the main guy’. What do I get her for her birthday?!?

    Hope your friend is OK. xx

  12. Oh Jeeze!! The way the back of his shirt rests on that rounded shelf of his gorgeous bum in that top pic just makes me melt.
    Wish I had X-Ray vision. Thinking of OF and Feed right now. Thank you !!!

  13. I have a tiny question and I hope someone has an aswer. Wasnt Catherine on active duty already? How can she still work like she is a police woman when she is not? I mean in an upcming episode she is all dressed up as a roller derby member. My guess is doing some undercover. I thought she was stilla Navy officer how can she does duties that do not belong to being a Navy officer. I am confused

    • I’ve seen those pics too. Not sure how they’re going to play it. My guess is she’s just helping out. I don’t believe she has to be doing it as official business. They have used others before that aren’t ‘official’, Danny’s nephew, Sang Min, Ed Asner’s character, etc.

      • But Dannys nephew, San Ming and Ed Asner never belong to any military corps, Catherine is a Naval officer, so it makes me wonder why she does help the team but not using Navy skills, she perform her skills like any other regular police officer. Sorry but so far that is the only way I have seen her on this season. She does help the team, she is not a member but she is not really using her Naval skills, naval tasks, she is working like a police, a detective etc I thought that was not her duty. An example of this was during the Danny episode and the bomb issue and Danny and Steve went to some base to alert the guests of the ceremony about the bomb. Catherine would have been the one alerting them about the bomb and helping the guest clearing the site, if she would have been on the base, with her intellgence and knew about soem bomb being there. she never did that. I mean I know Im going to be criticize here, but the way I personally see it, Catherine is not fullfilling the expectations I had from her since the beginning of this season, I thought she was going to be working in a different manner, like the exact same way as Season 1 but more regularly of course as she is a regular character now.

        • Nikki, I welcome all opinions as long as they are stated respectfully, which you have done. 🙂 I appreciate that.

          Honestly, I don’t think there is any way that they can use Catherine that will make everyone happy. Someone is going to find fault with something. You want her to be more like S1 and yet others don’t want her to be that way anymore. I think maybe show is trying to find a happy medium???

          Personally, I don’t really care how they use her. I just love her addition to the chemistry of the show. If everything in show was 100% believable or true to life, that would be soooo boring to me! lol.

  14. Knowing that Treat Williams will be working as a private detective hired by Steve, Does that mean that he will pretend to be Doris date just to get info from her? Is that how is going to play out? It makes me wonder. And I love the 3rd picture Mom, touching son cheek in a tender way and seem like giving him a kiss too.

  15. Can’t wait for this episode. The hands in the pocket pic is classic. We’ve not seen Mom for a long time (ok, so that’s not a bad thing I suppose because she has been a bit random so far) so I’m dying to know how things are going to play out in this episode. Oh, and to see McG in those shorts too. Of course.

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