Topless Tuesday #alexoloughlin


Let’s count the ways this was perfection, shall we?

Open shirt – check

scruff – check

chest hair – check

plaid shirt – check

perfect hair – check

just woke up after a good night of s/xing look – check

16 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #alexoloughlin

  1. Now that is a perfect start to a day – was really struggling to ‘get going’ this morning, suddenly I am WIDE awake! What an excellent service for the sleepy of the world. Thank you. Xx

  2. The open shirt is just teasing us…and I like it ๐Ÿ˜‰ I want to run my hands all over that hairy chest and…{tongue twitch}…spend the day tasting that delectable neck *slurp*

  3. I think the open shirt is sexier than if it wasn’t there at all. #1 because it’s plaid and #2 because it’s a tease. Makes you want to just slip your hands in there and push it off the shoulders and …..wait, what was I saying??


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