Pics of Alex working with Partners in Development Foundation #Alexoloughlin #GoodDeeds

Back in July, under the radar apparently and off the grid, Alex worked with one of Danny Goya’s programs through the Partners in Development Foundation which is a non-profit that serves homeless families on the leeward coast of O’ahu. Danny had nothing but praise for the man who spent a few hours working with his group.  Called him “The real deal.”  <<—never had a doubt but always nice to hear it confirmed. Again.

Photos and info are from Danny Goya’s Facebook Page


Seriously ^^this face^^ is killing me. Or maybe it’s the plaid…i don’t even care that it’s blue 😉


If I’m reading that correctly, that’s the Myers Briggs Indicator on the board behind them. (Completely assuming that’s what they did that day) If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a personality type test that you take to determine how you “perceive the world and make decisions”. Then you do some exercises and real life scenarios. It’s used primarily in areas of team building, professional development, career counseling, life coaching, etc.   It’s actually pretty cool. We’ve done it at work several times over the years.  I can’t even imagine how fun (and completely nerve wracking) it would be to do with Alex.  Like, it’s totally blowing my mind right now. Ka-Pow!

Very cool, Mr. O’Loughlin. Very cool.


49 thoughts on “Pics of Alex working with Partners in Development Foundation #Alexoloughlin #GoodDeeds

  1. But why is he sitting all alone? 😦 Volunteers to sit with our guest, please?
    Or did everybody there want a spot where they could just look at him? 😉
    And I don’t quite get what the MyersBriggs is to helping the homeless, but I’m so not surprised Alex is quietly doing good.
    No social media for him, cause he’d rather do his connecting in RL. God bless him!

    • At some point in the MB, they break you out into groups according to how you scored on the personality testing. I remember the last time I participated it was just me and ONE other person in our group. haha! Looks like Alex is a true individual! 🙂 Maybe that’s why he’s sad. LMAO!

      As far as how it helps the homeless, from what I understand about this org is that they help educate the homeless and give them the tools to find jobs, etc. So learning about yourself and how to work with other personality types is a great tool for personal development, career development, etc.

      • One thing we learned on our trip there a few years ago – according to our bus driver – is many people there are ‘houseless’ vs ‘homeless’. They work regular jobs, but can’t afford the super-high home pricing. There are alot of people who sort of camp for their homelife. It’s possible that maybe they are working on options for those folks as well. I guess 4 or 5 families might actually live in the same size house we see Kono have to herself just to afford it. Kind of like the giant apartment in Friends that Rachel and Monica had to themselves in NYC. #notreallife

        • Huh. Well, it’s not that I’ve done a ton of research but I have looked at housing prices and while there are some top end places, there seemed to be plenty of reasonable priced living arrangements too. But there are a lot of factors that go into that too. Credit history, bills, current job wages, etc. It’s far too easy in any place to hit a streak of bad luck or a few bad decisions to lead you down to a place that you struggle to recover from.

          Definitely these places you see on TV though are not real life for the most part. Not in places like NYC where my friend lives with 4 other girls in a 2 bedroom apt just to live there. lol. and she’s a P.A.!!

          • I hope that didn’t come out wrong – not trying to say one is better than the other – just sharing a piece of info that interested and stayed with me from when we were there. Maybe it was just one man’s opinion and that man happened to be our bus driver. I know that’s not the point of your blog – it’s to admire the other kind of ‘pretty’ in Hawaii. (Don’t want to hijack it or start any trouble)

            • Oh no babe! Not at all!! I do like to talk about the pretty but it’s not a crime to talk about the serious either. I like the balance!!

              I didn’t mean to sound like I was disputing what you said, just what I’ve seen. (For me, I plan on living in HI one day. That is my goal so I have a bit of an eye out on that kind of stuff) I totally got what you were saying and was just contributing to the conversation. 🙂

  2. I’m every day more proud of him and of being his fan.
    Especially since he does this kind of things quietly, without looking for praise or publicity.
    Our man has a good heart and we love him even more for this.

    • It is weird to think about being ‘proud’ to be someones fan. I know I am…that’s why I run this blog. Not because I think he’s perfect or I agree with everything he says or does, but mostly just because he seems to ‘do his best’. I don’t judge him because he gives me no reason to.

      • That’s why so many of us love what you do, not blindly following the pretty, but giving us a taste (tangent alert) of the real man too. Balanced, respectful, funny and soooo much pretty! What’s not to love? Xx

      • I think his humanity is soooo much a part of his appeal and “can’t get enough of this man” attraction. I spend more time than I should following Alex, but when he takes time to help those less fortunate, and speaks out passionately about organ donation and preserving the coasts, etc…, I feel like it’s time well spent. I too am proud to be his fan. He is sooo much more than a pretty face! The thought of him being so “real and approachable” gives me a glimmer of hope that I may have the extreme pleasure of meeting him someday.

        • Perfectly said lurxgirl…you captured my thoughts exactly…E.X.A.C.T.L.Y!!!
          Obviously, Alex is physically beautiful, but it is his character and kind and generous spirit that is so appealing…so sexy! This is just one more in a long list of examples that proves what a caring and compassionate human being he is. In an entertainment world where we are constantly bombarded by the unabashed self-promotion of many artists, he is a breath of fresh air. Others could learn a lot from him and the way he conducts himself in and out of the spotlight.
          You know what they say about Karma….it will come back in one form or another…depending on how you choose to live your life…IMO this man has a great future (both personally and professionally) ahead of him!

  3. He is such an incredible human being! He just keeps getting more adorable, not sure how it’s possible, but he does! I love him in the hat with his beard, and those sexy hairy knees….rrrrarrr 😀

  4. Boggles my mind how positive news like this flies under the radar. This is really showing respect and giving back to his community. The man may only be 6′ but he has a giant’s heart. So proud to be a fan of his. 🙂

  5. who said there is no such thing as THE PERFECT MAN????
    this man has it all & i just can’t love him enough 🙂
    mahalo for the post babe ❤

  6. love him in hats. First fell in love with him when he was in the dessert on Moonlight. I was flipping through channels and never got over him. My type.

  7. Thank you so much for these photos. It just confirms my belief that Alex is as beautiful on the inside and the outside. What a wonderful person he is. I only hope I can meet him some day!!

  8. It’s great that he did this, but let’s be realistic. It was only for a couple of hours, according to the article. Maybe he does other charity work as well that we are not aware of and I applaud anyone who does. However, the real heroes are those that work for super low wages and volunteer in this field day in and day out. I should know: I’m married to one of them. He could have gone into business instead and made tons of $ but instead decided to help the mentally ill and has been doing so for 30+ years, working every other holiday and weekend. And he’s just as good looking and sexy as Alex!

    • Sounds like you have a really good man! His sacrifice is your sacrifice as well, kudos to both of you! 🙂

      I often feel that word is overused but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s just an individual call. A hero is different from person to person. Some would say whether you make a little money or a lot of money makes no difference if you’re still doing the same job. Some would say you have to face a physical threat or potential death to be a hero (firefighter, police officer, military, etc). Your hero is your husband and that’s pretty awesome in my book.

      No one has called Alex a hero. We’ve simply admired that he’s a busy man who occasionally takes some time out of his life to do for others and it’s commendable and for some, it’s inspiring. That’s pretty awesome in my book too.

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