Moonlight Monday #alexoloughlin




16 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday #alexoloughlin

  1. Beautiful GORGEOUS “Baby Mick” No body ever looked like that in a Vampire story BEFORE Moonlight” and Nobody will EVER look better. Thank You Ess for a stunning choice. Monday will be great !! {IS GREAT}

  2. There is just so much to love about this pic…SO.MUCH.TO.LOVE. The profile, the forearm tats, the tight jeans, the belt buckle, the stance…THE.STANCE. I LOVE this pic…just so much SEXY and so much BAMF at one time! TPD!!!

  3. The first time I saw this pic it took my breath away… And it still does. It’s like everything I love about Mick rolled into one picture.

    It was my avi for awhile. Hmmm, it may be time to change things up again. 😉

  4. I remember the first time I saw this pic–here actually, thank you so much–and I was in awe of it. It is still one of my favorites. Can’t look at it enough, for all the reasons you guys have already said. It is pure BAMF perfection. 😛

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