BTS pics from Friday’s H50 filming at EWA Villages #alexoloughlin

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43 thoughts on “BTS pics from Friday’s H50 filming at EWA Villages #alexoloughlin

  1. I wish there was a “love ” button on facebook. These are some of the best BTS photos ive seen in a long time

    • Yes!! Probably someone with a real camera and telephoto lens instead of a camera phone! I mean, don’t get me wrong i appreciate all of them and its not like everyone just carries a traditional camera with them anymore but when they do…oh the quality!!! You better believe my digital SLR will be with me everywhere in HI. 😉

      • I’ll take any BTS photo’s I can get… but these are TOPS! Definitely someone with an 8x or 10x zoom… and a steady hand 😉

        • crap, i’m not sure I could have a steady hand while watching them film. “Oh look, there’s Alex in a green shirt and thigh holsters!!” ooops, is it bad for your camera to be dropped in a puddle of drool??

  2. OMG love the pic of him holding his little red wallet and the one of him questioning the potted plant!

  3. I commented on an individual pic…the one with his back to the camera…but I’m going to repeat it here…because..well…IMO you can NEVER descuss his pants or his @ss often enough!!

    I didn’t think any pants could usurp the number one position of the glorious white pants, but I think these one just may have done it..his @ss looks AMAZING in them!!

    • Bad for Thigh Holster Thursday though.

      I remember the days when I didn’t care about such things….. 😉

  4. So much lov….lov…lo..lov…OK OK, so much LUST! I have a weakness for all things thigh holster, these are just the tippity tops!

  5. thank you so so much for these gorgeous BTS pix, always a pleasure to follow your blog Ess 🙂 <3<3<3

  6. New pics! Yay. Black cargos! Awesomesauce.

    Side note: those red cups fascinate Australians of my generation. We have a Costco here now and sometimes half the excitement is going off to get the red cups. I mean they’re only in every movie since the dawn of time. Omg am i really talking about cups?

    Ok. so. Alex is hot. Green top just for Ess.

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