Recent BTS pics of #H50 #alexoloughlin

I am a week behind in posting new bts pics that have been floating around twitter and instagram.

So for my email followers, I apologize and please enjoy these little treats.

13 thoughts on “Recent BTS pics of #H50 #alexoloughlin

  1. Ok, maybe it’s just me, but does Alex look like he’s losing weight? He’s still uber sexy;his face just looks thinner. He looks happy and healthy, so I should just enjoy this beautiful creature as he is. 🙂 Thank you for these ESS!

    • Hey Lurx- thanks for bringing that up – the buzz on twitter is that Jeff posted a pic actually taken last season. I’m working on tracking down the date the pic was taken or an approximate time frame & will update the caption when I can!

      • Oh, thank you *phew*. I guess it’s the health professional in me that got me concerned. I have been watching season 2 on DVD and never want him to be that unhealthy and thin again. I love beefy Alex!

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