Fabulous Face Friday x 7 #AlexOLoughlin #H50

I think that Alex portrayed every possible emotion in his face during Monday’s episode

Here are 7 of them –  and these are only the ones that happened in the last 5 minutes.


2-14 collage


41 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday x 7 #AlexOLoughlin #H50

  1. The lighting made his eyes a beautiful bluish green…my favorite 🙂 He makes me crazy when he drinks out of a bottle.! He starts with his tongue meeting the bottle, then his lips wrap around the top…oh my…*oral fixation*. All the faces he can make and the emotion he conveys in such a short time, is truly brilliant! My fav of the 7 is the big one top left. His sexy grin and that LICKABLE NECK…YUMMM…S&T

    • Heh. 😉 I love to watch his hands when he drinks out of the bottle ~ such amazing hands. And do not call his hands scooters, ESS! All his parts are focal points. Seriously there isn’t a mediocre part on the man! Or a mediocre face pic in this collage. Beautiful job today. 🙂

        • Oh Child! I share that with you! They are amaaaaazing! And why I so loved Dr. Andy, where we got lots of hand pics. Lots and lots. Good times. Sigh.

          • Me too!! His hands make me tingle in all the right places. I usually comment on his hands…hmmm…I think I was distracted by all the faces. But now, I am fixated once again on those enormous orgasmic paws of his. Thank you 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVED Alex in this episode. He gave us so many faces to drool over. My favorite is the serious one top row on the right. I just love his serious thinking face. And a close second is the one right under it. Melting away here.

  3. Kimmer these are great! Beautiful! The green of the shirt and background are perfect for framing that faaaaace! Much better than that anemic green shirt in the ep. last year. I didn’t notice is so much watching it last week, but wow it looks great here. *gushing* next may be an ALL CAPS EXPLOSION I think I need to rest a minute.

  4. BEAUTIFUL collage!! And ladies, I’ve said it before, but am inspired to repeat myself, GREEN is my fave color on Alex, blue takes 2nd place 🙂

  5. I LOVED this scene and I LOVE this collage. That man is too amazing. I’ve never seen anyone who could act the hell out of a scene just with his FACE like he does. Now I want to go rewatch this epi.

  6. Magnificent images of emotion, and the message is told through those brilliant eyes of his. Gorgeous collage of his beauty! Thanks for making the loveliest of Fridays : -)

  7. I don’t feel well…I’m sweaty and feverish and the room is spinning….sounds like all the clasic symptoms of prettyoverloaditis!!
    I’ve had numerous outbreaks here…but this is one of my worst cases yet!! Gee….THANKS.A.LOT.KIM…..its going to take me forever to recover!

  8. I never thought it could be sexy as hell seeing a man drinkin beer… Well, that was way before H50 and Steve McGarrett. Those green eyes… *thud* And of course the green shirt. I didn´t like the color GREEN. Uhm…before H50 and Steve McGarrett. I said it before, did I??? Daaaaamn… 😉 Mahalo nui loa Kim for posting those Fabulous Faces!!!! 🙂

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