Topless Tuesday #AlexOloughlin #H50


It’s positively mesmerizing…….


Thanks to @neropatti for the .gif


39 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOloughlin #H50

  1. He’s positively mesmerizing…. (It’s 20 degrees here today – this pic certainly warmed me right up!! – ty!!)

  2. I see this and I CANNOT control my grabby hands…. gimme gimme gimme! I can play nice and share…. Honest 😉

    Just gorgeous!

  3. I love his S1 ROCK.HARD.BODY! In the scene before this Danny says “…you go ahead with your pants, I’ll be waiting with a towel.” Those wet pants need to be removed immediately to avoid chafing!! My tongue twitches whenever he is shirtless. I want to lick every inch of those pecs and abs…to start 😉 He was so sculpted and trim in S1, but I think I love new beefier, softer Steve with his huge arms and glorious thighs and hairy chest even more. This is a great gif and a great ep!

    • **trying to ignore the easy ‘package’ joke** 😉

      Seriously, you’re right E. Alex/McG is a total package. I have many complaints about the character but that’s mostly a writing/developmental thing yet I can say decidedly I **LOVE** what they’ve done with the character. Alex of course, just improves upon it.

  4. His body in S1 was SPECTACULAR!!! I just want to rub my hands all over him…and all he has to do is just stand there…uhh…well…I guess it wouldn’t bother me if he preferred to lie down instead…I could work with that too!
    His body in S3 is still AMAZING…but it brings out different feels…I just want beefy McG to wrap those massive arms around me….and put his huge p….aws all over me!!!! *sigh*

  5. Did. It. Just. Get. Hot. In. Here. I do have to admit to lusting, oops loving :-)! the beefier Alex with those massive guns and massive everything! There’s nothing like a man confident in his age and appearance! Sigh, thud….

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