New H50 Promo Shots 3.15 Hookman Episode #alexoloughlin #scottcaan

TWO episodes in a row with no blue shirt??? Wheeee!!! Thank you TV GODS!!!

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If you’re not familiar, Hookman is the upcoming episode that is actually a remake of the original Hookman episode from 1973.  I think this is a VERY cool idea and I hope they rock it! I’m sure they will…. I have faith.

This is what Peter Lenkov had to say about remaking the episode in the Huffington Post :

“Aside from updating a few sign-of-the-times elements, we are using the original as a roadmap to stay true to each and every element that made ‘Hookman’ such a beloved hour of television, even going so far as to secure the same locations used in the original episode.”

The original “Hookman” episode told the story of a double amputee who set out to get revenge against the cops — McGarrett included — who were responsible for the loss of his hands. Peter Weller, who played the title character in “Robocop” and recently appeared as Stan Liddy in Season 5 of “Dexter,” will direct the episode and star as the villain.

Thanks to BookEmDanno.Net for hooking (see what I did there??) a fangirl up!

17 thoughts on “New H50 Promo Shots 3.15 Hookman Episode #alexoloughlin #scottcaan

  1. I can barely breathe!! He is so hot in these!! Yep, these are definitely my fav pants, if he must wear pants that is 😉

  2. I like the longer hair. interesting how little the background has changed in the shots comparing now and 1979 in that neighborhood anyway

    • Hmm I need to copy this checklist off myself! lol.
      though we’ve discussed (probably on twitter, i dunno…somewhere) that from the floor with pillows is probably the best option. No seatbelt needed and you have no where to fall to. 🙂

  3. Ok, it’s pretty well-known how I feel about those white cargos, but sweet baby Jesus in the manger…that last pic hits alllll the marks for me…

    Profile? Check
    Tat? Double check
    Badge? Discount double check
    Gun? Check, check, check
    Not-blue shirt? Aww, hell…check, please!

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