Fabulous Face Friday by @ItIsSabrina #alexoloughlin


18 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday by @ItIsSabrina #alexoloughlin

  1. …and what a FABULOUS FACE it is…with those beautiful eyes and lashes…that perfectly shaped nose…that mouth with those full sexy lips…it’s painful to keep looking at him…but I’m going to try to push through the pain!!!

  2. #TONGUE.TWITCH I will start with his THICK, LONG neck, work my way across that stern jawline and plunge into those succulent lips. He is killing me with those lips and I could spend an entire day on that neck. 😛 His eyelashes are so dreamy and his gray temples are so freaking sexy!! Sabrina, you rock! Fabulous is an understatement for this face.

  3. You are really treating us with some beautifully delicious screencaps Sabrina!! (You have a wonderful eye for capturing Alex at his best, not the the worst is not good – but the best is just breathtaking)
    I miss Season 1 Steve…….sigh…..

    • Hunting for his “best” faces is my fav sport evah!!!! I miss S1 to. For me, his beauty peaked that season. He’s still such a handsome man but I swear his look in 1! was pure magic. His massive sex appeal is always there, all 3 seasons 🙂 Thanks ladies for all the gr8 comments!!! xxx

  4. That man sure knows how to make my lady parts tingle. Now all I can say is may God forever Bless the the day Mom & Pop O’Lachlan got together and produced the gorgeous man that is Alex O’Loughlin without them we would be so lonely. #JustSaying 🙂

  5. He is two years older. His life changed a lot in these years. I have a problem watching season two episodes because of his health. With all of this I’m a fan of Alex.

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