Thigh Holster Thursday by @itissabrina #alexoloughlin


Yeah, he may look good in those dark pants, but they don’t do the thigh holsters any justice. 😦


11 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday by @itissabrina #alexoloughlin

  1. I guess I’ll just have to study the…ummm… general thigh area a little LONGer than I usually do to MAKE OUT that thigh holster. It’s going to be HARD though…V.V.HARD…to keep looking at this pic!

    • It is a V.V.HARD job … I will help you. 😉 I obviously need to look LONG and HARD because I thought these were jeans the other day and got you all excited. I’m sure you all didn’t mind taking a second, or third look at his lower half to see that I was wrong. But, when a man looks this good in a pair of pants, I am not sorry I had to look again, and again,….That strut definitely makes up for the lack of thigh holster visibility. 😛

      • Actually when I was screencapping this episode last night I had the feeling they’re made out of a soft denim. They do look kinda ‘jeans-ish’ in some scenes.

  2. Honest to G0d first response was “yes please.” Maybe I need a new handle? Too old for Infant? 😉

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