White Hot Wednesday by @ItIsSabrina #alexoloughlin


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    • ^ ^ ^. Truth.
      And Dr. Andy makes me sigh. So gentle. So kind. So not McG, though I love McG, too. But Dr. Andy. Just. Siiiiiigh.

    • Exactly!! Which is why every Alex role is my favorite when I am watching him perform. His charm and sex appeal comes across no matter if he’s playing a disturbed mental case or a leading surgeon with talent and “heart”. Most memorable vampire ever to hit the screen. Plays a Navy Seal like he was born for the role. A natural with all the action as the leader of 5-0. IMHO Alex O’Loughlin is the future Tom Hanks of the big screen. Please God let me live to see this happen .

      • Thank you FOYeur and Sabrina for putting into words exactly how I feel about Alex and the kind of actor he is!
        I would be thrilled beyond belief (for him and for me) if ‘Hollywood’ finally came to their senses and starting putting this man in feature films!!! I would desperately miss seeing him on my little screen each week, but it would be a willing sacrifice so the rest of the world who don’t already know what an amazing actor this man is, can finally see it with their own eyes (and feel it in their hearts)!!

  1. So true, FOYeur. He was so beautiful as Dr. Andy. Thanks Sabrina for this lovely pic. His hand touching his chin drives me craaazy! His nose and luscious lips…*sigh* I could use his TLC right now, this cold
    is kicking my @ss! 😦

  2. ACA Ladies especially what ESS said.
    Alex was almost angelic as Dr Andy and his beauty and the stories every week sometimes made me cry. The REALLY sad thing was that just as the back stories of the characters were becomung more and more interesting they cancelled it DAMN DAMN DAMN!!I am so glad that I have “Steve” to console me for the loss of “Dr Andy”
    BTW when Three rivers was on I wrote a litt5le poem for Alex about Dr andy and he posted it on his “My Space “page {Anybody else remember THOSE days ??} Here it is

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