Topless Tuesday by @ItIsSabrina #alexoloughlin


16 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday by @ItIsSabrina #alexoloughlin

  1. ^^THIS^^ Since he does look like he’s naked–except for the rope–it does make me think bad thoughts. I’m not normally into BDSM, but for him I’d make an exception. I’m sure he could do so much with that rope. 😉

  2. After close inspection…REAL.CLOSE.INSPECTION…I’ve cum to the conclusion that that is Danny’s I’m going to ignore it (sorry Scotty girls)…instead I’m fixated and mesmerized by the gloriousness that is beefy McG!!!! Tie me up Steve…TIE.ME.UP!!

    • I don’t think thats Scott’s knee. #1 his legs are much thinner than Alex’s and this looks right for Alex. #2 he’s talking and usually he looks at Danny while talking so Danny is off to his other side I think.

      • WTF! Obviously close inspection not close enough ..must investigate further…its going to be awful to keep studying this pic…but it must be done!!!

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