Bts pic from last nights H50 #alexoloughlin #jefffahey #FUCancer

For my non-tweeting friends:

This pic was posted by luvit808 Instagram. Apparently this little boy’s name is Xander and he’s not an actor but was a real patient fighting cancer. Since this was filmed he has had a relapse. It was already my second favorite scene of the episode. How can you not love McG going to visit a sick child and helping his dad be a BAMF researcher??!!

Gives this entire scene a new spin. ❤




21 thoughts on “Bts pic from last nights H50 #alexoloughlin #jefffahey #FUCancer

  1. Awww… I hope the young man rebounds… Was this filmed around the time that the other BTS pictures from the pediatric unit came out?

    • As a matter of fact it was. The bts pics from this episode were the week after Thanksgiving and the fan pic of him in hospital with the girl patient was on Thanksgiving. So yeah, he probably visited him too. FLR.

  2. The scene was amazing and after reading the backstory of Xander it brought me to tears. I applaud H50 for doing this, the smile on his face is priceless. He was adorable and so good delivering his lines with Alex.

  3. I always love scenes of Alex with kids…but this one actually felt different…softer…sweeter…more gentle…and now I know why.
    I am so in love with Show right now for having that young man on it.
    I hope Xander beats the sh*t out of that disease!!

  4. Oh so sad. I wonder if the child is on Twitter? It would be nice to tweet to him a get well message, as a fandom.

  5. This man has such a huge heart…may be why his chest always looks like its bulging!!! Makes you love Alex that much more knowing what a sweetheart he is. Sending healing thoughts to Xander.

  6. Feel better Xander – make sure to show that stupid cancer who’s the boss! I love Alex so much for his show of support for this little fighter! @ Wanda – where can you find his backstory please??

  7. Thanks for the backstory! Best wishes to Xander and kudos to ‘show’ for including him. He looks so happy wearing that badge.

  8. A Beautiful post. Alex has such a loving heart and Xander such a courages one. I wonder if “Xander” is a diminutive of “Alexander” just like the name “Alex” is???

  9. This scene was realyy sweet. The boy´s so cute. I just don´t know how I should get my thoughts into words… Maybe like this: Thank You H50 Crew & Cast!!! See the lil boy smile in that pic, the scene in the episode… WOW. Sweet. Soft. Respectful. Yeah, I think there was a lot of respect…

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