Moonlight Monday by @ItIsSabrina #alexoloughlin



14 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday by @ItIsSabrina #alexoloughlin

  1. BEAUTIFUL,…….a very rare screen cap.
    I can not stop staring at his mouth and jaw line…….those lips just want to be kissed!! 😀

  2. ^^ACA and his gorgeous strong nose makes me craaazy! I am imagining him nuzzling my neck, then working his way down my body , brushing my skin with its tip and following with soft wet kisses….Ooooh my….*quiver*

  3. ^^What everyone said.^^ That is an amazing screen cap. He’s a little on edge, hair messy, and surely needs some TLC to soothe him. I’d be glad to help. First I would put the phone in his pocket for him, and oops if my hand slides inward a little. Hey, he looks like he could use a massage. 😉 Did I mention I love Mick?

  4. Edgy Mick was always the best. I loved the eps where he was shaken up a bit. Alex does that reallllly well.

  5. I get all worked up seeing Mick all worked up and desheveled!! I LOVE his hair hanging in his face like that!! I imagine that’s how he would look…well…you know…afterwards…when he’s laying on top of me…and I’d run my fingers through that gorgeous hair in an futile attempt to put it back in place. Why futile you ask? Because in no time at all, it would be messed up again…that’s why!! Duh!!!

  6. Knuckles of his left hand!! smooth & beautiful. (I’m a weirdo)

    However, I am glad these days the cell phones are getting bigger because that tiny thing in his right hand looks ridiculous, like a toy.

    Great cap!!!

    • STEPH!! That’s all I could think about!! I almost put it in the post but decided to leave it out. That phone looks like a toy in his big Mick paws. Good god, I love his hands. smoothe knuckles and all. 😉

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