Fangirl Sunday – One Year Ago #alexoloughlin

How long does it take to become a classic? Most people would say between 15 and 20 years. Well I think that’s crap!  Today I had hoped to post another Pic Spam but life kind of got a little crazy this week and I didn’t have enough time to put it together so I thought, “HEY! I wonder what I posted a year ago??”

I searched the Archive Page and found this beauty posted exactly one year ago.

15 – 20 years? Pffffft…I think this is already a classic. 🙂

Agree or Disagree?


24 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – One Year Ago #alexoloughlin

  1. Those buns, so delicious and those guns (not the metal kind) just divine! Middle right, guns, buns, tatts,kevlar and black…. Nuff said….

  2. Whew! For a split second there, I was worried you had posted pics of Glocks and malasadas. Then I scrolled down to the actual collage. I should’ve known better to suspect you like that! A classic indeed ;). And so is your collage.

  3. Left column for me too Kim. The dress slacks were so yummy and the middle one…lets just say when I saw this on the ep I gasped at how glorious his @ss is here! Look how nice and tight the cargos are, and who wouldn’t want to get thrown against the wall and frisked by him?! This scene is where he kicks down the door and Danny calls him a “Neanderthal Animal ” 😆 Oh I do miss you S1 Steve. Ok, I keep scrolling up and have decided, I love his “buns and guns” in every pic and Thank you ESS for bringing this back for us newbies. Happy Sunday everyone!

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