Kevlar Saturday #AlexOlouglin #H50 by @Kimphin

I love the Season 1 hair, but I think the Season 3 kevlar is more form fitting, Thoughts? Also – WHITE TEE SHIRT!!! More please…. 

Sorry I'm late, we took a wrong turn back at the tree with the vines....

Sorry I’m late, we took a wrong turn back at the tree with the vines….


16 thoughts on “Kevlar Saturday #AlexOlouglin #H50 by @Kimphin

  1. Sorry for the late post ladies, I took some medication last night and “lost time”!!!! Sadly, no AOL dreams came out of it either…..

  2. Can we build our own Steve? Hair, white shirt and tan cargo from season one. Body and fuller face from season 3. And the protection and thigh holsters also from season 3. Awww.

    I truly love blue. It’s my favorite color, but I wish they would mix the blue a little with white. And I want the shirt over the tee back. White tee, blue shirt. Heaven.

  3. We’ve only just started S3 here in UK (ep 2 tomorrow), so tricky to compare Kevlar, but I will be sure to pay VERY CLOSE attention, and if I have to rewatch S1 & S2 to be sure which is best, that’s the kinda sacrifice I am willing to make in the name of science (I think Steve the science guy would approve).

  4. Tan Cargos!!! ❤ And no blue shirt 🙂 The white one is hot!!! First I didn´t recognized the Kevlar!!! Because I was sooo mesmerized by his arms…

  5. Please,please,PLEASE, let this man wear more white shirts!!! The white makes his arms look magnificent! Something about a clean white shirt that makes me want to get all “dirty” 🙂 I just want to run my fingers through that perfect S1 hair. Only thing better than tan cargos with white t shirt is WHITE.SHIRT.WITH NO.PANTS! Mmmm…I am thinking such naughty things…can’t put in to words….*quiver* ….S&T

  6. The more form fitting kevlar gets tugged at the neck. Which, if I recall correctly, gives a certain someone a {fingertwitch}.

  7. Build a Steve…hmmm…S1 Steve was perfection. Sheer perfection. Wouldn’t change one single thing.
    That said, I love all his incarnations…even the Steve they make wear the blue shirts every single week. Day in and day out. Ad nauseum.

    The kevlar is a total scooter in my book. It’s changed??? huh. How about that..

  8. Normally I love the kevlar, but it’s covering up that glorious white tee…which we don’t get to see nearly enough. To TPTB…can we please just see the white tee with no distractions…no kevlar, no overshirt….and especially…no pants!!
    Signed #teamwhiteteenopants

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