Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin #H50 by @Kimphin1



Ah, the classic "boulder to the face" episode....

Ah, the classic “boulder to the face” episode….


22 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin #H50 by @Kimphin1

  1. You can put this one up every Friday….Think nobody would not mind – it will always be BEAUTIFUL!!
    Very little bit of him is just PERFECT in this shot……………

  2. Always have to pause the dvd at this scene. Love everything about it. Especially his soft voice .. “everything else has changed but this hasn’t changed” …
    Thanks for the lookback, Kim

  3. So this morning on Good Morning America they did a segment called the The Perfect Man and determined that women want him to be 6 feet tall (check) brown hair (check) green eyes (check) athletic (check) British/Aussie accent (check) and at that point I was flailing and don’t remember the rest because – duh – this is him! Anyone else see it?

  4. You picked a beauty this week, Kim! This was such a wonderful scene. The light shining on his eyelashes and his perfect mouth ,nose, jaw line and neck…where was I?…Oh yes, he is the perfect man!!!

  5. H50BAMF, you guys are so awesome, I want to thank you for a year full of AMAZING pictures & cheers to another year full of them! Love you gang! {{{{HUGS}}}} ~(ยฐ_ยฐ~) (~ยฐ_ยฐ)~ Aloha!

  6. This ep was totes false advertising. One does not look hotter after taking a boulder (or Koko Crater) to the face. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. The way Alex looks at the view, The land It like I’m finally home….and the wish that Danny could understand and share his feeling about the land. Danny will take time to understand the land. But by leaving Hawaii at the end of sea 2 he makes a choice to not go to Las Vegas with Gracie, but to stay in Hawaii with his daughter.

  8. TBTTF episode. *sigh* The first episode I watched “not for plot”. This episode will always have a special place in my panti…er, heart because it was between episode 19 and 20 that I “discovered” the man behind McGarrett and as they say…the rest in history.

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