Thigh Holster Thursday #H50 #AlexOloughlin

It’s like an “I spy” game.

I spy car keys, Windows phone, FOY….



26 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday #H50 #AlexOloughlin

    • They have definitely gotten bigger this season… oh, were you talking about the ACTUAL GUNS??? hehee.

      Seriously though, if the actual guns continue on their current trend, they will be carrying 50cal sniper rifles by the finale. Or RPG’s

      Alas, they are total scooters in this picture though.

  1. The last couple of days have been posttastic, but the magical, hypnotic power of the thigh holster will always be number 1 for me. I live for double thigh holster episodes/pics… Yummy.

  2. LOL! I spy! What a perfect commentary. So, I of course had to find each of your objects… and I think maybe Waldo’s in there too.

  3. Deniseolo – he has bullets alright – just not sure if they’re for his 9 mil :-)!! Love thigh holsters…..

  4. Thigh holsters and his white pants are a perfectly delicious combo! Like, peanut butter and jelly, pb and chocolate, and hmmm….PB.ON.MCG!!! I’m either hungry or h0rny. I’m usually both and that’s not a bad thing 😉 Just thinking about how LONG it would take to lick all that Oooey Goooey creamy goodness off his HOT.BEEFY.BODY makes me RAVENOUS!! Maybe I should eat before I comment next time 😆 I’d even settle for licking it off that sexy naked trigger finger.

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