New interview clips of #alexoloughlin regarding Season 3 #h50 (Nov 2012)

New clips from the International Press Day Alex and Scott did back in November, about 2 wks after Lion was born. 🙂

1. I could watch/listen to him talk ALL.DAY.LONG.
2. What the hell is he doing with his tongue when he’s talking? Did it grow?
3. #2 ^^ made me a bit ….well, you know. HAPPY!!
4. “i need to put a bullet in this kid….or marry him”….LMAO!!!
5. He called WoFat a kid. Everyone is a kid to him now, it’s because he has so many. lol



15 thoughts on “New interview clips of #alexoloughlin regarding Season 3 #h50 (Nov 2012)

  1. He’s just totally gorgeous! I could spend hours watching and hearing him talking. He could talk about total boring stuff and I were like OMG

  2. #7. ALL.THE.ABOVE.

    Good lord he’s a mesmerizing, charming b@stard…that man could lead a cult….uhhh wait….he kinda already does!!!!!!

  3. Does he say “it just makes me uncomfortable to spend that much time watching and listening to myself” ?
    But this is no problem for me ! *LOL* I could look at him and listen to him all day :)))

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