#AlexOLoughlin at International Press Day

Hi everyone! Asst Editor JK here with some twitter treats for you. Thanks to @MyMaximus for these — in her words — “Ridiculously Gorgeous” pics of Alex.

Be sure to click on the pics below to see GLORIOUS full size!

First we start with Ess' two favorites…. This #1 shiny happy face….

Picture 001

This is Pic #3! The scruff! his hair! the scruff! the chest hair! and did I mention the scruff!?!

Picture 003

Not to mention, his SOCKS! Totes adorbs. Now this one (#6) is my particular favorite. Ess says he’s making his “McGarrett Face.” Like that’s a bad thing?!?!

Picture 006

And finally, one of the ones I saw getting a lot of buzz on twitter…. #7!

Picture 007

We will just call it “Portrait of a Relentlessly Handsome Man.”

Please click: HERE <– to see all eight high quality pics! Thanks again, @MyMaximus.

Chime in ladies, which is your favorite?

70 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin at International Press Day

  1. #3. Hands down. I’m willing to forgive the scruff for that fabulous dress shirt and slacks combo, the crouching, the smile, the hands and the chest hair.

    Although, I’ve got a lot of love for #1. That smile is ADORABLE.

  2. I want to know who JK is gonna have to talk to about the whereabouts of these pictures for the past 2 months!!!! Tis cruel and insensitive of them!

  3. Sweet baby Jesus and those freaken orphans!!! I can’t stop looking!!!!!!!!! AFOL FTW!!!!!

  4. HELP.ME!!! That’s all I can muster right now…I need time to recover before I decide on a favorite…A.LOT.OF.TIME!!! FLR!!!! IHHNID!!!!

  5. Holy… Wha…ummm….afdsskjkj…. Best I can do right now…
    Does this mean that your 2012 photo shoots folder is no longer empty Ess?
    Thanks for these, really should be going to bed, but WIDE awake now for some reason…..

  6. I don’t even care about the airbrushing….he’s soooooo pretty!!!
    I can’t pick just one, honestly can’t do it.

  7. JK you and I have the same favorite! Although the one with his arms crossed is a close second!! ArmPorn anyone?

  8. Um, um, um, um , if I pick the right one is he the prize???? PLEASE!!!!!! How can you pick!?!? I need to go to bed so I can dream.. Thud and sigh…. Drop dead gorgeous…. There are no words……

  9. But if I had to pick it’d be #3. Then #2 minus the orange bg (whatever were they thinking w/that color!)

  10. I just picked myself up from the floor and now attempting to put jaw back in place. I can’t pick yet. They are all very yummy. His eyes are electric and I love the chest hair in #3 but the sweater with the dress slacks is frickin sexy!!! I am so giddy for these new photos:) Thank you!!!!!

  11. Oh. My. God! There is no wrong answer. I would take any of those pictures! The arms, the hands, the neck, oh h*!!, every freaking inch of him and that little smile too! Perfect human being. If only he had a cute and delightful personality to go with all that pretty. Oh right. Oh God!

  12. Okay…I’ve finally recovered enough to pick #3 as my favorite….why?…..because…well…..FCK.ME…that’s why!!!

  13. I like the third one. The first two look way too airbrushed and why airbrush the guy? Totes handsome how he is. πŸ™‚

  14. Relentlessly handsome is the perfect way to put it. I was running out of words to describe his gorgeousness! It is just ridiculous, THUD AND THUD! Everyday he gets better and better! How is that possible? πŸ™‚ I can’t pic a fave yet, they all make me feel faint! I will get back to you on that one!

  15. Okay, took me a little while, but I pick the one where he’s crouching with the orange background. There’s just a little bit of everything in that pic. Of course, I’ll take them all, though. πŸ˜‰

  16. those pix gave me THE BIGGEST THUD in the history of my Alex THUDS :p :p
    seriously, the older he gets, the yummy he becomes (not that he is old, noooo..just compare the hot 28 yrs old Alex with hot 36 yrs old Alex) hope you got my meaning
    thank you so so much for uploading these gorgeous pix babe ❀ xoxo

  17. OMG. All of them of course. This man never takes a bad photo, the camera just adores him and so do I!!

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