Moonlight Monday #AlexOloughlin

Honestly, if I were Beth, I would’ve been out of that cab in a flash. (Josh who???)

OK, If I’m being truly honest, I would never have gotten in the cab to begin with!!!


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18 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday #AlexOloughlin

  1. As pretty as Beth was, she didn’t have too much upstairs, whereas Mick had everything a woman could want.

  2. In BethΒ΄s defense, she was doing the right thing. She wanted a good start with Mick so first she has to break up with Josh before continuing…or maybe she was playing hard to get πŸ˜‰

    • I think Beth was quite the tease. The kiss in the parking lot, coming to his place to seduce him ( yes she was on vampire blood) and running off to NY with Mick and she was going to call Josh from the airport. Mick was so patient and such a gentleman and she messed with his head a lot! Maybe she was just clueless? My heart hurt for him here. Since the show ended way too soon, I can only fantasize about how wild, steamy, and erotic the vampire/ human sex would be. I would hope Beth finally let loose and surrendered to her inner vampire. Mick >> ” ..and I have a tendency to bite down..” Josef>> “Some women like that”. Me>>” I DO!!!”

  3. They were both doing the right thing here, but it still hurts. But it still hurts. 😦 Though it’s one of the things I loved about Mick..his honor and old school gentlemanly ways. (except w Coraline)

  4. You know, I never cared much for Beth after this scene. I began pulling for Coraline. I always believed she loved Mick with a far greater passion. Mick said his love for Coraline was like a burning infectious passion, To me, his love for Beth was a life long need to protect her. And hers for him was gratitude and a need to feel safe.

  5. Mick looked so beautiful in this ep. First, when Josh was confronting Beth about her feelings for Mick and there was a knock at the door….I lost my breath for a second when she opened it and Mick said “Ready?”…that was probably the most gorgeous he ever looked. And then this scene…with his hair like that…hanging in his face…and how excited he was to spend time with Beth…and then how sad he seemed when she said she had to get back to Josh….my heart broke for that beautiful, sweet, vamp…*sigh*
    …and Beth, you are a WAY better woman than me, because I would NEVER have ridden in that cab….instead I would have ridden…well…you know!

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