Fangirl Sunday – Where I fell in love with #H50 episode 1.02 #alexoloughlin

Yes, I loved the pilot episode. How could you not? It was well written and extremely well acted and directed. Better than a lot of movies I’ve seen. But the episode that ‘hooked’ me, the episode that said, “yeah, you’re going to love this show” is episode 1.02. ”

So please enjoy my pic spam of 1.02, there’s a lot of p0rn and caps just for “reasons” which weirdly enough I didn’t notice way back then) and some just for fun. You know the drill. πŸ˜‰

**Click on first pic and scroll through…


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  1. It’s 2:00 here and I need to go to sleep, so I will say Thank You ESS!! I hope some of these appear in my dreams. I know I will be full of comments later (it’s a warning) Sweet dreams πŸ™‚

  2. ok…maybe IΒ΄m right now able to type more πŸ™‚ I wasnΒ΄t able cuz of few (means lot of) things I love. The Navy Uniform OMG sooo hot! The roof scene *rotfl* The Tan Cargos!! Steve and kids, just love it! The cargument! In Season 1, the quotes were sooo gorgeous!
    THANKS for posting this ESS!!!

  3. I was a little concerned when I first saw the title of this post…I thought something serious had happened to you ESS…like maybe you’d fallen and hit your head and forgot about you-know-who…the one who will remain unnamed that was first introduced in Ep 2.02…then I scrolled down some more and let out a sigh of relief that you were actually posting about Ep1.02….pheww….all is right with the world and ESS.

  4. Now that I know you’re alright…I can say….I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! So much funny, so much pretty, so much feels in one post!!
    Speaking of pretty….THANK.YOU. for the thighs (shudder), the tan cargos (yowza!!), the eyelashes (aljadfdfgkljkj), the hands (mmmmm), the hair (I ACA, it’s the perfect length and just the right amount of grey…are you listening Show?!!!!)…..and the faaaaace *sigh*
    That entire roof scene was brilliant…so much bamf…so much funny….I LOVE the thud when they let the bad guy fall…hillarious!
    TOAST (yay!!!)
    “Alex, I love your potty mouth” <<<<< ME.TOO
    And what else is there to say about that final scene…so much wonderful….."I'm sorry you were put in danger today"..L.O.V.E.
    …please tell me who didn't fall in love with Show and those four characters in that last two minutes…who, dammit, W.H.O!!!

  5. OMG! What you did to me this morning!
    This was not a good episode story wise, but a GREAT episode to introduce the characters, and I think that was the plan. Thank you SO much for this. What a reminder. Even though I fell for them after the scene in the garage in the Pilot, one of my all-time favorite scenes. And The Pilot is still my favorite episode. How pathetic is that, since we have so many other fantastic episodes?
    Oh, and thanks for the info about the kid-pic, I always wondered.

  6. Ess, it’s like you’re in my head (though I imagine you’d be traumatised after that particular kinda visit). ACA with everything! While I’m still hugely excited for Season 3 (11 hours, yeah I’m totally counting) I will always miss the simple perfection of S1, the show and Steve! I believe I’ll discover if it’s possible to ‘wear out’ a DVD with the frequency I rewatch. Thank you, so much – this, this is just the perfect start to a Sunday, that as you know, I just want to time to run faster during!

  7. I love this episode. It’s just awesome. They looked much younger, you’re right. You really notice it when you watch a s1 ep followed by a s3 ep. Steve’s guns. Ugh. So epic. And can we take a moment to appreciate the work of art on those arms. I don’t normally like tats but those converted me. πŸ˜‰

    And to think before this episode I have no idea about malasadas.

    I agree with you on the gun comment, Ess.

    The entire scene on the balcony is just great. “That way you’re going?!”

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    • “can we take a moment to appreciate the work of art on those arms.” – ……………YES! YES WE CAN!………………………………………

      “That way you’re going?” – UGH how could I forget that?? loved it!!!

  8. Wonderful,wonderful .I’m going to go watch 1.02 again after reading this,there are so many great moments to savour.
    Ess,your love for this episode makes me love you more!
    Oh,and thank you for the hand p0rn shot,that mans hands make me think crazy thoughts! πŸ˜‰

  9. *love* the picspamming of this episode Ess! It makes me want to rewatch…. which then reminds me that I loaned my S1dvds to a friend…. and that I need them back NOW!!!

  10. HIghlights for me: Thigh (yum), hand p0rn…anytime his hands are showing I squee!!! The pacalolo pic with his hand to his mouth..oral fixation, yes!!! Why do I think he’s tried a little himself ? πŸ˜‰ #BlessTheTanCargos>>Amen sister! I too love his potty mouth and he is quite beautiful in the pic >>eyelash p0rn, nosep0rn, and his luscious lickable lips… make my tongue twitch πŸ˜› All the funny in this ep…the roof scene is classic!! What does Danny say ? “Ergo,…” I love Steve’s face !! The moment I will always cherish is the ending. No matter how often i’ve seen it, I still get misty. Steve is perfection in that uniform and yes ESS I too love his side part…rrraarrrr. πŸ™‚ I love when Danny gives Kono the St Michael’s medallion and says its always kept him safe until he met THIS GUY…EYEBROW…FLAIL!!
    Thank you for this ESS!! I will never get tired of this ep πŸ™‚

    • I’m sure our boy has ‘indulged’ and ACA on everything. πŸ™‚

      I can’t hear the word Ergo without seeing steve’s face go, “Ergo??” So please, feel free to say it as much as possible. πŸ˜‰

  11. Yes! This was my favorite as well as 1-03. I just loved the team coming together. Steve is so much better as BAMF. Excellent post as always Ess!

  12. #awesomepicspamisawesome

    Could not ACA more about the hair and the simpler days. Less is more sometimes, eh? (<— that bit doesn't really apply to the hair though.)

    This was one of the last S1 eps I saw, since I only started watching around ep 3 or 4 (can never remember which) so I was already in love with Show by then, but after this I loved Show MORE. The elevator scene! Ergo! "Ladies, you can stop now…"!The final scene! The FEEEEEEEELINGS! Good times. Good times.

  13. Your moment is my moment, Ess. The graduation scene… Kono not expecting it, all them them lined up in uniform. That was me hooked on Show. The shirtlessness was a bonus. And yes, Steve had great hair in this ep. I miss the grey!

  14. Thank you again for the fangirl sunday picspam. It was nice to remember when we started to check the “details” of Steve McGarrett! The tights, hands, eyelash, forehead, forearms, eyebrow, nose, hair, the back, the tan cargos, uniform and that face!!! When we started to p0rn and became pervs.
    And yes when we watched them start the ohana that we feel in love in this show.
    Now i’m waiting for what you bringing for us next sunday,

  15. You said so many of the things I’ve always thought. His hair, his guns, his carugmentface, and how he looks in his dress blues. I have a photo of him in his dress bluesas my wallpaper for phone and Nook. Love a man in a uniform. Just met a youngerman on a dating site and he is a Navy Seal, I can’t help but see McGarrett everytimewe talk. Thanks for this.

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  16. ESS..thank you again for your site of pic and writing. you always surprise me with the different directions your sense of understanding that fans of Alex would like to see. This episode 1.2 is one of my favorite and has been watch many times.
    His face and body intensely listening to his father voice is a wonderful scene. It’s like he never heard his father in this way of talking and expressing his feeling toward him before. This is how Alex capture the role of his character with great acting.
    You know what going on without him saying a word.

    Your layout is like seeing the episode.

    • Thanks E!!

      “It’s like he never heard his father in this way of talking and expressing his feeling toward him before.” – YES! <<<THIS!!! The scene of him listening to his dad's voice has always been a major scene to me. Everytime people wanted to say McG was one dimensional or had no emotions, I always thought they were full of shit because of this scene….and that's long before I discovered "alex". It's just one of the quieter moments of the action packed episode so it gets overlooked. I think your point of WHY it may have been so moving to him is dead on! Hadn't thought of it that way but you're 100% correct. Now I love this moment even more! *thanks*

  17. As fate would have it, I just rewatched this ep. It is awesome. To have you commemorate it here just adds to the enjoyment.
    I will say, I enjoy this season as much as I enjoyed S1. And I didn’t hate Lori, so S2 wasn’t a disaster for me. I’ve been pretty happy with Show all along, I guess. As long as most of it is Alex, I’m good!

    • I learned to tolerate Lori, because I refused to let her ruin my love of the show because there was so much to love. I liked the plot twists of last season, Joe and the darker McG even though I love the lighter McG more. I didn’t hate S2.

      S1 was great, but we had to move past it. Everyone wanting to return to S1, they have to realize THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. It can’t!! They will never be in that ‘learning’ about each other stage. Circumstances have changed and their lives have changed and therefore the char’s must change. S1, I loved it in it’s own way but there were things I disliked and almost stopped watching because of it. S3 is by far the best IMO.

  18. Totally agree so much love for this epi it’s still one of my all time faves & one that I’ve seen the most *too many times to count* lol, I love Steve’s line to Danny “fall asleep with your eye’s open again” always LMAO lol & ACA when Steve drops the guy on the floor I just LMAO & I totally *air heart* crazy Steve too he is freakin’ aces lol also love the Ohana moment at end of epi it just gives me so many feels every time I watch it it’s just amazing I love the look on Steve’s face when Kono is admiring the gun very HOT!!!! oh & quite early in the epi we got a fantastic McNerd moment when Steve was going on about the car window lol I do miss those awesome McNerding moments we don’t get that many anymore lol. πŸ˜‰

  19. One of my favourite eps! I was in love with Show from the get-go but I was so glad that the second ep was a cracker after I’d enjoyed the pilot so much. ACA with Alicia about less is more – the writing in S1 was so much better, I reckon. It was, for the most part, good procedural writing with glimpses into the characters and this gave it a nice balance. Also, the bromance and Crazy McG were fresh and new. This ep had everything – solid COTW, bromance, crazy McG and team ohana. As a lover of the bromance, this was a pivotal episode for the ‘book ’em Danno’ line (“Oh, this is going to be like a thing now?”). Also loved the rooftop scene – especially when McG went the wrong way – and the elevator scene. So much to love (and, yes, loved Alex’s hair that length).

  20. S1 about the writing, there was less to reference and less history so it was easier. I prefer S3 much more, even with the little hiccups. I don’t focus or lose sleep over the hiccups like some do so it just doesn’t bother me. S1 had plenty of hiccups too. PLENTY!! 2 yrs later we tend to just remember the good moments.

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