Cammo Kevlar Saturday #alexoloughlin


I need more of this in my life. I love the new Steve but I miss this McG.


32 thoughts on “Cammo Kevlar Saturday #alexoloughlin

  1. Thank you sooo much for posting this ESS!!!
    You’re really cheerin me up! Thx!
    I want more SuperSEAL πŸ˜‰

    Let’s pray to the TV Gods πŸ™‚
    What bout McG in his training??? (Cuz he never left Seals) or some flashbacks?!?!

  2. McG looks more dangerous in this camo wear and therefor much hotter πŸ˜€ maybe we could even hope for another face painted Steve epis this season…

    • More tireface!! LOL!! Though after the S1 DVD when Alex said that was the stupidest thing ever to be on TV, I think they may have a hard time convincing him to do it again. lol. But I would love it….

  3. Steve of season 1 for sure was something special. We still had so much to learn about him, and every glimpse of SEAL Steve is a very appreciated bonus.

  4. Agreed!
    Please do not get me wrong!
    I’m so very happy that Alex has “arrived” in real life. He seems to glow from whithin. He’s smiles now are the ones of a fullfilled and zen man. Before S03 he always seemed driven, on the run, searching…
    “Unfortunately” this seems to affect Steve as well. He is not as dark and chased as in S01 anymore. He looks and acts/reacts differently, So I really wonder how they are going to “turn back the clock” for the flashback episode, where we see him in training. Thats 15 years right? Three years 5-0 + six years NAVY Intelligence and then 6 as SEAL! Or were the six years Navy Intelligence prior to the SEAL time? Would not be logical… Or did I get the years wrong, please help me my allmighty H5oracles?
    Again, I love happy Alex a lot, but he will need ALL his, undoubtedly existend and previously shown, acting talent to present us with “freshly scarred” dark Steve!

  5. Hmmm SuperSeal Steve..very driven…very sexy….very hard body.. I miss him too! How can someone scare the cr@p out of you with that stare, then send your panties in a frenzy in seconds?! It’s a bit like how I feel about him as Mick, creepy at times but still want him to bite me. πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m sure he can handle the change…Alex/Steve is an actor. He was charming telling the Aloha Girls how to kill a boar. He look back and saw himself when dealing with Ethan. Mum is a problem that his relationship with her has yet to surface. WF in Japan…etc

    Alex/Steve wears many hats.

  7. I love all the complexities that are Steve….but I can’t wait for the flashback episode…it would be beyond exciting to see Steve in Seal training and/or on a combat mission. I agree E…Alex would eat that sh*t up!!!!

    p.s. I would also LOVE to see flashback scenes of Steve and Catherine meeting each other in the military – assuming that’s where they met of course…

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