Fabulous Face Friday #alexoloughlin #h50



37 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday #alexoloughlin #h50

    • It was July 2012 at a press junket in LA with Scott and Masi to promote upcoming season. There are a lot of great pics and videos from the event!!!
      Oh and if you think his face looks fabulous you should see the pants he was wearing…make sure you are sitting down first though!!

  1. Lovely photo, and yeah, his eyes are so amazing !!! Alex has naturally what we ladies can only achieve with six layers
    of mascara. There ought to be a law !! Poor baby did look tired, though. Come, lay your head on my shoulder !!!!

  2. Any chance of seeing the pic with Scott and Masi…………………..and the thumb……………and the pants………sigh

  3. My friend Deb and i went to the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel that day in hopes of seeing Alex and we were lucky enough to see him !! He was gorgeous beyond Words , even better than these pix if possible. We were sitting in the lounge area and he came out of one of the conference rooms and went over to two Ladies who wore CBS tags and hugged and kissed them LUCKY YOU KNOW WHATS!! He was at a PRIVATE closed function so we brhaved like the lasies we are in Social situations and NOT like the screamung fangirls we were inside. He was less than 5 feet away from us. Aglorious moment for two happy women who adore and respect him,

  4. OMG that pic! That PIC! How did I miss those pics? And hells yeah. Scotty and Masi are the very definition of scooters in that pic! Nobody could compete with him dressed like that. I kinda think Show ought to give that wardrobe choice a shot. 😉 That would make Castle and Revolution scooters. Thanks for posting. ❤

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