Thigh Holster Thursday #alexoloughlin #TeamNewPants

Anyone tired of the thigh holsters with these pants yet? Didn’t think so.



31 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday #alexoloughlin #TeamNewPants

  1. I was trying to get to sleep, but now it’s hopeless. His thighs are orgasmic! He’s teasing us with that gun…in his hand…spoiling our view of the promised land. At least we get to see the naked finger πŸ™‚ The forehead wrinkles, flared nostrils and parted lips are driving me wild ! Need to get some sleep .

  2. Wowser! This has me excited, and not for (only) the obvious reasons! We get Season 3 on Sunday, this SUNDAY – 3 sleeps!! I can’t wait to officially join team new pants!

  3. Thank You πŸ™‚ Just finished work πŸ˜€ But takin a look at those pics while drivin ma car… Ooops.. Police was nice πŸ˜‰ *lol*

  4. ok! I’ll say it. Yessss same clothes blue top and white pants. If he needs his laundry done I’m sure there are people who would take care of that problem for him. Mum is somewhere, Cath has gone back to the Enterprise. Get a housekeeper!

  5. Good lord!!!! That TH wrapped around that gloriously massive thigh is driving me CRAZY!!! I would do ANYTHING to be in it’s place..A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
    For the record, I’m OK with him wearing the white pants ALL.THE.TIME….uhhh…wait…I’m a LLWL…I’d be more OK if he wasn’t wearing ANY pants…but I suppose since the wearing of pants is probably not optional (CBS needs to seriously rethink this) …yeah….I’m good with these ones!!!

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