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18 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #alexoloughlin #NoWords

  1. I love Dr. Andy πŸ™‚ He is so hot and so caring at the same time. Alex makes him a very believable character

  2. His beauty is intoxicating! I would love to feel his eyelashes brush against my skin. Then his long nose..well you know what they say about men with long noses πŸ™‚ Next are his luscious lips…oh how I want to kiss them and feel them all over my body. On to the chin dimple…IMO not sexy on anyone but Alex. Up his stern jawline, covered with just the right amount of scruff to the hint of gray at his temples. OMG.HIS.NECK…*tongue twitching* …with his large vein ( the one visible in this pic ) leading down to his exposed chest hair . I could spend hours nibbling on his neck and nuzzling in his chest hair…*sigh*. I feel faint..need to lie down…THUD

    • Ahhhh lurxgirl…I love the way you think!! I was just going to write “mmmm noise p0rn”…but I like what you said WAY better…WAY, WAY, WAY better…and thanks to you (ok , and him) I need to lie down now too!!!

      • Uhhhh..wait…did I actually write “noise”..when I meant “nose”?!!!! I obviously have a bad case of Alexitious….help me Dr Andy, help me!!!!

    • Three Rivers is good! Well, not if you only like fast paced action stuff. It’s the antithesis to H50 lol. It’s slower, deeper, sometimes a bit overdone on the drama but it’s a serious subject so it goes as expected. It’s more about the medical cases and less about who’s sleeping with who *cough*greys*anatomy*cough*.

        • Hmmm….sounds good! The summer sounds like a good time, eh? During the hiatus? I’ve tried a couple times but always during the year so I get distracted by H50 and don’t finish…

          • I had some extra time over the holidays and started rewatching H50 Season 1. Really miss the kind of spiky hair Steve had in several of those first episodes! Summer might also be a good time to rewatch some of our favorites from H50 S1. That is if the dvds aren’t completely worn out!

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