Happy New Years!! Auld Lange Syne #H50 style


Poem for New Year’s 2013: Steve McGarrett’s Thigh Holsters

(sing to the tune of Auld Lange Syne)

Should other holsters be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should other holsters be forgot,
But those on McGarrett’s thighs?

McGarrett has many holsters, dear,
On his hips & chest & sides,
But all the fangirl’s favorites are
Those holsters on his thighs.

And Ess will grab a screen cap!
And surely we will sigh!
And we’ll take a moment yet,
For perving on his thighs.


McGarrett runs about Oahu,
Picks off criminals left & right;
But our eyes are on his pecs & abs
And hips & ass & thighs.


Kono throws on a bikini,
And Danno wears his ties,
Chin sports a leather jacket,
And McGarrett frames his thighs.


We’ve all lost time in fantasy,
Don’t even try to lie!
We’ll all thank mother nature yet,
for Steve McGarrett’s thighs.

written by the brilliant @steph_jane2 of @H50JunkDrawer.


36 thoughts on “Happy New Years!! Auld Lange Syne #H50 style

  1. Speaking as a Scot, we like to believe Robert Burns knew what he was doing when he wrote the original, some 220+ years ago, but we can also admit when we’re wrong. This song was sung at every street party in Scotland last night (and I dare say a few beyond), but oh how I wish it had been these lyrics – quite simply genius!! A good New Year to all – long may thigh holsters rock our world!

    • Fi! I do love the Scots…but I have to admit y’all ain’t got nothing on Steph! Lol. Granted, when the original was written they hadn’t met McG’s thighs yet. 😉 little did they know…

  2. I’ll never sing Auld Lang Syne w/out thinking of these lovely new words again. What Luna said! Happy New Year everyone,

  3. Oh what a wonderful Homage to the New Year and the thighs, I will be singing this song all day. Those Thunderous Thighs need their on body guard, Raising Hand to Volunteer! #JustSaying. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!

  4. Love this, and love his luscious thighs! The pics you chose….oh my…I will be smiling all day! 🙂 Oh how I wish to be his thigh holster, but I really want to be those glorious mind blowing white pants wrapped around all of his ” goodness”. YUMMMMM

  5. Ha!!! I sang it! And I giggled!! And clapped!! And sighed!!!! Beceause i love those juicy thighs!
    Happy New Year!!!

  6. THIS is THE greatest thing I have ever seen.I was singing along and as the token Scottish McH00ker,I’m going to pretend it was for me .Lang may yer lums reek xxxx

    • You’re not a lone Scot! I wasn’t brave enough to go for Lang may yer lums reek, for fear of losing our international partners in perversion!

  7. I love it…I was signing it to the original tune & it sounds fabulous…thanks for a great way to ring in the new year! All have a very happy one!!!

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