H50BAMF Top 5 Countdown #1 Alex O’Loughlin is no tortured artist #h50

The Top 5 posts of the year have covered a wide spectrum of topics, from the sexy to the serious, the pretty to the VERY pretty! 🙂  I think that means we’re a pretty cool group of fans, with one common bond but many different variables.

The top post for this year is a post that is very near and dear to my heart. It’s why I’m inspired to run this blog, it’s  a large part of why you lovely people visit and participate almost every day.  I’m thankful that this post resonated with a lot of the fans and appreciate you all for sharing and commenting.

Six months later, I still believe in this post whole-heartedly…possibly more than ever.

#1 Why Alex O’Loughlin is no tortured artist (click on photo for full post)



14 thoughts on “H50BAMF Top 5 Countdown #1 Alex O’Loughlin is no tortured artist #h50

  1. I LOVE this post 🙂
    You have summarized the MANY reasons why I love and support Alex as an actor and as an amazing, yet faulted, human being.
    He is an inspiration and I wish him all the best for his future career and private life.
    As he wrote on the thank you card he sent me for baby Lion’s little gift “All my love” to you Alex

  2. “Alex is no tortured artist” was the very first blog from you that I read and I had the feeling that you were speaking for me in every single word you wrote about Alex. This is the well-deserved No. 1 for this year! Happy New Year and Thank you for your wonderful and funny posts!

  3. Yes, ESS, respect IS Sexy and Alex is the sexiest of all! I started following him in Moonlight and am so happy that he’s finally starting to get the recognition he deserves; I think people are realizing he’s more than just a pretty face. As the others have said, you’ve echoed my feelings and thoughts about Alex. Thanks for this blog and all your and your teams hard work, funny and thoughtful comments and great photos. But most of all thanks for allowing me to share in this treasure trove about my favorite actor! Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all!

  4. Really glad this is the number 1 post, Ess. Thanks for the wonderful tribute to ‘our Alex’. Happy New Year to you and thanks for all your hard work on the blog. It’s very much appreciated.

  5. I loved this post. I was so irked by the hysterical over-reaction to an out-of-context, partial quote– but even so admitted as a joke– tweeted to stir “interest” by a little-known journalist. The wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the angry mob mentality, within the fandom was bizarre and unseemly. Your post was a marvelously sane, gentle, and loyal reaction to that gross over-reaction. Plus you spoke TRUTH. You succinctly reminded us of everything, every wonderful thing, that we know about this man. He has almost always been the kinder, gentler, more adult partner in this actor-fandom relationship. You stepped up, publicly and spectacularly, to represent the adults– albeit still squeeing fangirls– among us. I had visited H50BAMF a couple of times a week, but after THIS post, I became a daily devotee. That was my gain. :).

  6. This is a good #1, shows thought and that this site is not just drooling over someone. (Just kidding about that last part)

  7. I’m very happy that this post is number one because Ess wrote what many of us think about Alex. And i always be grateful to her for that. I don’t comment very often but i am a daily follower since Ess post this. Wish you all the best for you Ess, Kim, Sabrina, family and friends.

  8. So excited so see that this is the post that brought some of you to the blog and encouraged you to stick around and participate. For that reason alone, it was deserving of the #1 spot. Thank you all so much.

  9. I love this post so much & couldn’t agree more with everything you said & since you originally posted it he’s become even more open in interviews & is so much happier in his personal life & his work life, which makes me very happy. 😉

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