H50BAMF Top 5 Countdown for 2012 #2 McRoll Spoiler #alexoloughin #michelleborth

This year’s #2 most popular post for 2012 is a fairly new post.  I think it’s a big indicator of how most people feel about this relationship and story arc….at least for the readers of this blog. I also owe a big thanks to Michelle Borth who took the time to read, comment and RT on twitter. (squeeee!!)

#2 McRoll spoiler for 3.11 (click photo for post)


15 thoughts on “H50BAMF Top 5 Countdown for 2012 #2 McRoll Spoiler #alexoloughin #michelleborth

  1. I think most of us wanted more Catherine from the very first season. It only took Lenkov 3 seasons to get it right! Totally agree; she’s a perfect addition, for all kinds of reasons.

    • GNP – could not agree more! It’s so nice this story arc has finally hit it’s stride. Now to have it yanked away from us. Boo. 😉 MIchelle is awesome and she holds her own in all the scenes she’s in, not only the fun/flirty scenes with Alex, she’s just as convincing in the action and COTW scenes as well. She’s been a big breath of fresh air.

  2. It doesn’t “do the same thing” for me that yesterday’s does, and now really makes me wonder about #1 since the direction veered off of where I thought we were headed, which was a general TPD destination, but I’m also happy to have Cath and see their cuteness together and life is full of the unexpected so let’s McRoll on to #1!

    • You may or may not be surprised tomorrow. I didn’t pick any theme, the ones that are the top posts are from the amount of comments and ‘hits’ that the post had. So if you want more TPD pics next year, you’ll need to ‘hit’ those posts more! lol!

  3. I’m totally curious as to what tomorrow’s post is! What could be the most popular post from this past year?!?!? I have an idea, but I’m keeping it to myself until tomorrow!! 🙂

  4. Steve and Cath talk with their eyes…look at caps before they hugged. Before he pick her up he only looked at Cath, he never acknowledged anyone else at the table.

  5. I also really like her and Danno. That scene in the car when Danno is making fun of Steve while he is talking to Cath. Awesome! Cath FTW!

    • Agreed, Sandem. Cath (Michelle) has great chemistry with the entire cast. I like how she’s not afraid to poke fun at Steve but in the end, when he needs her, she’s there for him like in 3.9 when he needed someone put on the no-fly list. When she realized Steve was really upset, she dropped the teasing and was there 150% for her man. That’s real. Hopefully he remembers some of that when it comes out about her lying to him about his Mom. He probably won’t…not at first anyway.

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