H50BAMF Top 5 Coundown for 2012 #4 Fan Encounter #alexoloughlin

The #4 post for the year is a great set of photos and story from Andrea McNelly and her friends whose perseverance paid off in a BIG way.

#4 Fan Encounter – Andrea McNelly  (click photo for full post)


13 thoughts on “H50BAMF Top 5 Coundown for 2012 #4 Fan Encounter #alexoloughlin

  1. Thanks for the honor of making your countdown for 2012!!! It was very cool sharing with everyone here!

    We truly did have determination that day, but luck more that determination was what made it happen! We could have easily sat out there all day only to have nothing happen. But even if that happened, the 8 hours spent with Kathy, Paula, Viv and Toula was priceless and meant more to me than meeting Alex and Scott. We may live in 3 different countries, but we bonded for life that day!

    • Andrea, I totally get what you’re saying! Though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of my online besties who are in all corners of the earth…..yet, Alex and H50 has brought me a group of friends that I treasure more than H50 or Alex himself. lol.

      What a wonderful day it was for you all! Of course, it also helped that Alex is so giving to his fans.

      So very honored that you allowed me to post these pics and share your story!! Well deserved, hon!

  2. What a brilliant day that was! One of the best experiences of my life was going to HI and meeting all of you girls……oh, and Alex of course!

  3. Your so very welcome Ess! Thanks SJ2 (Junk Kicker), cvc-eve! Paula, what a brilliant week, tho it had to be spent on that pineapple infested,…..LMAO!!!

  4. One of the best days ever. I can’t imagine spending it with anyone else but you amazing women. Yeah we got to meet Alex & Scott but more importantly they got to meet us. Lucky boys! LOL

  5. I reminisce all the time to that day we met Alex. The fun and laughs we had with the red convertible. Meeting you girls and our gorgeous Alex was the absolute highlight of my trip.

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