Promo clip H50 3.12 with a new twist! Thoughts? #alexoloughlin #scottcaan


Interesting. I think I have mixed feelings on this concept. Is H50 being cutting edge or is it a lame ratings ploy?

On the good side…Yay H50 returns Jan 14th in the U.S.!!!

YouTube link in case the above link doesn’t work outside USA.
H50 3.12 Kapu


43 thoughts on “Promo clip H50 3.12 with a new twist! Thoughts? #alexoloughlin #scottcaan

  1. So I futilely tweeted atplenkov
    Does each timezone get to pick?? And can we see all the endings on S3 dvd? Or sometime?

    • HeyD50, you’re not the only one who “futilely” tweets PLenkov. I’ve given up – as far as I can tell, he only seems to reply to those who gush about the show….no negative comments allowed!

      • SO FUCKING TRUE! I have proof. 1st season I always raved & he always responded. S2 I began constructive criticism, never responded again. He told me Happy Birthday but only cuz @catscrazyx3 asked him to. I don’t even follow him any more.

        • I think he has a few he interacts with & no doubt he is a busy man so whatever. It’d be nice to get a direct question answered tho. I follow for the pics he tweets & the amusement value.

  2. Love it love it love it! I’m confused how voting will work with the different time zones but I’m excited. I like this kind of ratings ploy much better than stunt casting

    • Me too, because unless each timezone gets to pick then surely Hawaiians won’t get to vote which seems a bit unfair, considering – but then if each timezone gets to pick, then we might not all end up seeing the same story (because the entire ep will change retrospectively depending on whodunnit). And then how are we going to discuss it? (<– this is the most important thing, obvi 😉 )

      The part of me that loves good writing is thinking: how about, instead of having three stories, putting three times the effort into having one good one? But then, the part of me that just loves the show wants good ratings and this does sound like it might be a winner in that respect.

      • Right… I mean, if they’re thinking the USA east coasters get to pick the ending for the rest of the country, which seems logical, who picks the ending for that early showing in Canada? Or maybe we all vote & they show the chosen ending another day or time? But then that loses the oomph of having a “live event.”

          • Right!! will it be text messages? call in? online? twitter bombing the sh/t out of CBS?? all of the above…. Or Something Completely Different? Maybe they should let us vote on how we want to vote. 😆

              • Nobody expects the Steve-ish inquisition, Danno does the sexysilly walks, Chin Ho wants to know if you’d like some SPAM & Kono’s not dead yet. 😀  


                • DY.ING!!!!

                  Steve’s four main weapons are fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and nice blue uniforms! (SORRY ESS!!!)

                  Is Chin having Spam Spam Chicken & Spam?

                  • 😆 OMG……. Chin is having ALL the Spams. *hyperventilating* DDK in drag doing that screechy voice I WOULD PAY REAL CASH MONEY, Universe!!!   Also, now the Steve-ish inquisition is a thing, it’s a thing.


                    • I’m praying to the TV Gods right now!

                      And the Steve-ish Inquisition is TOTALLY a thing!!! (Random McNerd: the Spanish Inquisition were ALWAYS expected, because they would give you a month or so’s notice before they arrived. The Steve-ish Inquisition, not so much ;-).)

  3. Lame ratings ploy, in my view; they’ve now resorted to pseudo-reality-tv tactics.
    I don’t quite understand: presumably they filmed three different endings, so will people be voting throughout the show, then they pause the show halfway through to give the results, then show the ending that was chosen? Or what?

  4. Sorry, but I don’t like that one bit. I will always think one of the other endings would have been way cooler.

    Who knows what kind of action we are going to miss out on? Nope, not gonna like this at all.

    And how is that even going to work with different time zones, and Canada airing it an hour before the East Coast does? We will all be stuck with what one time zone chooses?

    I think this is a really stupid idea.

    • 😆 Sam, I guaran-dam-tee that I also will vote for the losing ending!! On the 15th, we can sit in the corner & flail together over not getting the ending we wanted, which I guess could be kind of like a normal episode, just this one has the illusion of choice.

  5. I’m giving it the side-eye treatment but I’m going to sit in my corner and hope for the best because that’s what the actors deserve. Who knows, it could be great! #GlassHalfFull

  6. I have a few of issues with this:
    1. It will be v confusing trying to keep track of three suspects while trying to concentrate on the pretty.
    2. I am a Libra so thus have a v difficult time choosing ANYTHING.
    3. Eventhough I won’t be able to make a quick decision (see #2)..I am a control freak…so it will be v v difficult to accept what others have picked for me…because…well…I’m sure that Canadian viewers will not be able to vote. *pfffff*

  7. I’m not worried about this. I bet each time zone will vote and either all three endings will air or they’ll be the CBS website than youtube. It’s not really hard to imagine not seeing all three endings by the next day 🙂

  8. To me it sounds like they are going to a lot of trouble for something that won’t produce a lot or enough positive results……
    Not a good investment at all!!
    My moto in live is don’t create new problems when trying to solve a problem….go back to the basics and do that right and you will have better results with minimum effort! 🙂

    • Tend to agree with you, FOYeur. I’m trying to be optimistic but I don’t have much faith in the writers to come up with something clever right now. It seems quite risky to me so I have my fingers (and toes) crossed that it pays off. As with most things on Show, when they get it right, it’s epic and when they don’t, it’s well…..

  9. It could be awesome if this is written well. This could be disastrous as well. I think its a fabulous idea but I have no idea how they can pull it off. So I will have fingers crossed it will go well. Could bring fans back.

  10. If they air all three endings on don’t forget to tell your international friends what happened in the other two or keep an eye out for an international friendly you tube link.

    Also wanna know something odd? My iPad autocorrected CBS to be all capitals….

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