White Hot Wednesday by @ItIsSabrina #alexoloughlin


Ooops, I had an issue with the scheduling of today’s post.(user error) Sorry so late!

9 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday by @ItIsSabrina #alexoloughlin

  1. Sweet Lord! Now THERE’S a James Bond pose, if ever I saw one. I loved this episode, but still find it really hard to watch, due to how thin he was looking at the time. Even, so he’s still sexier than most of the guys out there anyway…

    • Hi, Hunny bee, can you hear my thoughts even before I type them here?? Because it’s exactely my double feeling!
      it was painful to me too and I often got lost about the plot thinking about Alex rather than Steve…Hopefully, he’s
      healthy again and we can stare and stare and stare again at him without feeling sorry or guilty!!! He is incredible with (or without!) a white shirt…*-*
      Sabrina, it was worth waiting…thank you!

  2. I have an “Issue” with this as well Sabrina. He looks so damm fine that I am having a heat surge of massive proportions. Fortunately it is bedtime here and i have a very cute :Not McG” to help me solve the problem but this could have been BAD—but now I get to be HEE HEE!!!

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