Moonlight Monday by @itissabrina #alexoloughlin


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  1. I used to hate Mondays….now each day of each week, I count down the number of sleeps remaining to reach the day I used to dread…for two reasons….one…I can’t wait to see Show…and two…I can’t wait to see^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^….it could be one of the best MM pics ever. His eyes are

  2. ….ooops, I wasn’t finished….next time I should continue typing instead of scrolling back up to take another look. What I wanted to say was….His eyes are AMAZING…absolutely MESMERIZING…and those lashes…good lord…they should be illegal!!! Thanks for continuing to make Monday a day to look forward to!!!!

  3. We don’t have thanksgiving here in the UK, so I’ll use Christmas! I just wanted to thank you Ess and all the others who post and comment here regularly! It’s been a hard year at times this year (new job, LONG hours, some scary but will ultimately be OK I hope health issues) but EVERYDAY this blog has made me smile, has made me laugh and most of all presented me with LOTS of the best man candy around! I wish you could know how much it has helped!!! So I wish you all Happy Holidays whatever you celebrate and hope 2013 brings each and everyone of you Heath, Wealth and Happiness (if a certain tall, dark and handsome Aussie is too much too hope for!). Xxxx

    • Ladies!! I can not agree more, Mick’s eyes, and it seemed in this ep (Dr. Feelgood) especially, shine like the brightest stars. I’ve had a ML marathon at my house recently, I can never let much time pass w/out seeing our beautiful & endearing fav vampire of all time. He is indeed our immortal.

    • FI! I want to favorite your comment and read it on any day I feel down. What a thoughtful comment!! One of the best presents I received all day!! I wish the same for you and all my friends here! Thank you so much for pointing out that it’s not just me, or the girls who help post the daily posts here, but it’s also all of you who visit daily and share your wit and humor and heartfelt thoughts with us.. YOU guys are the ones that make this all worthwhile and so much fun!! ****LOVE****

      2013…onward and upward for all my friends!!

      • Ess, touched you took time out reply – every word was heartfelt! Also, following your great advice, watched THAT ep of Criminal Minds…. Still kinda lost for words but looking forward to tomorrow!

  4. Sabrina Darling
    This is QUITE the Christmas Prezzie and I thank you.
    I want to rain kisses all over Micik’s glorious face and bury my tongue in the cleft in his chin!! Then I would like him to fill my Christmas stocking {AND THE REST}
    How’s THAT for a Christmas Fantasy!!!!!

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