Site Updates and News

Hi All,

I wanted to let you know about a few updates I made to the site.

  • Archive Page – There is now an Archive page for all H50BAMF posts. You will find the link in the top header of every page and post.Fullscreen capture 12222012 43642 PM
  • About H50BAMF Editors – I have updated the “About H50BAMF” page and added bio’s for my lovely friends who are now helping out with site themes and maintenance.
  • Commenting – You don’t have to have a WordPress account to comment.  You can use your Twitter or Facebook log in if you’d like to join in the fun. You may be asked to allow WordPress access to your User ID.  See Below:

Fullscreen capture 12222012 44736 PM

  • Sharing – There is simplified “Sharing” for your favorite social media accounts without having to copy and paste any URL’s. Simply click on the appropriate tab below each post. Easy!! (and THANK YOU for sharing) 🙂

Fullscreen capture 12222012 50703 PM

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Whatever you celebrate, I wish you all love, happiness and peace.




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