Fabulous Face Friday, unless the Mayans were correct…. #AlexOloughlin

Sooo. I’m setting up this post with the hope that there actually WILL be a Friday… I wouldn’t want y’all to miss this one….

He's just so finger lickin good!

He’s just so finger lickin good!



21 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday, unless the Mayans were correct…. #AlexOloughlin

  1. Friday is here, thic pic is gorgeous and I’m happy – so not only Assies and Brits got to see it, I can see it in Croatia too, LOL… Have fun, girls – we have 9 more years till next “end of the world”…

  2. “Finger licking good” is right! I’d like to start on his fingers …then the neck…and work my way down 🙂 *slurp* ACA Alicia & Andrea _briz ! The earth would surely be shaking , my ovaries quaking and my “painties” breaking 😛

  3. Kim, I think this one is my favorite that you’ve done. 🙂 Thanks!! lol!!!
    Also have to co-credit the Mayans here. This is actually Alex saying, “suck it!” to them and their lousy predictions.

  4. Yes it is! :)Shows he is human, no one can be perfect all of the time. That is attractive ! And he does not take himself so seriously as an actor that he refused to tape himself looking like an animal, that too is attractive! At least to me! 🙂

  5. It is a fabulous Friday indeed!! First the world did not come to an end (as Danny would say the Mayans were “incorrect”)…and second there is THAT.FACE…with his…his…his ffffffinger touching his lips!!! All i can say is THANK GOD his finger isn’t INSERTED in his mouth…cause then I.WOULD.DIE.DIE.DIE!!!!

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