Thigh Holster Thursday – The Thigh’s the Limit! #AlexOloughlin #H50

This is seriously testing the tensile strength of that thigh holster.



28 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday – The Thigh’s the Limit! #AlexOloughlin #H50

  1. As I’ve said in the past, I would, in my next life, have no objection to being reincarnated as McG’s thigh holster. If not, I guess I’d settle for being his Kevlar, as a “compromise”.

  2. ACA! “Seriously testing the strength of the thigh holster” …and the seems of his pants …oh my…his legs spread with gun in hand… Oh yes 🙂 my mind went there . HIS ARMS ARE MASSIVE (Chins aren’t bad either) and “hello” naked finger..I love you. So much viewing pleasure, thanks Kim!

  3. That TH does look like its stretched to its limit…and those pants are so wonderfully tight…THANK.YOU.GOD….but I’m sure there is still enough room for my hand to squeeze in there….and hopefully still leave space for some…ummm…maneuvering!!!

  4. OOOPS, there goes the Sip-Proof container all over my keyboard. I love those thigh holsters!!! Why? I’m glad you asked! Get a fixation on the thigh holster and look to the left!!! My! My!! My!!! I don’t know how you all miss such a great vision of rapture!!! Looking left then up! !

    • Haha! I just noticed that!

      Actually I found myself really wishing that we could see Danny in this picture. That would’ve been grrreeat!

      • Well, if they’d let me, I’d pose them where we could get a good pic of all 3 but they wouldn’t let me on set that day. 😉
        This was the best cap of the scene I could get…

  5. I have no words for the beauty that is this picture, I believe that Kimphin1 truly said it best with “This is seriously testing the tensile strength of that thigh holster.”
    And this photo is seriously testing the strength of my ability to control of the corners of my mouth from drooping down & causing me to drool all over myself! Perfect picture of our men with big guns!! Chin Ho looks good here as well, can’t see Danny as much, but I wouldn’t trade that squeezing, clinging, defining clutch of this Thigh Holster on our Alex for anything!!

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