11 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #alexoloughlin #h50

  1. Yay! White dress shirt! My favorite! And of course that faaaaaaace! I was just heading to bed when this popped up. Sweet dreams for me now for sure.

    • HA! Now THAT’S FUNNY! 😀 lucky for me, mine are gone, so I can just admire & adore & have heart palpitations without the worry of excessive egg droppage!! ;D
      luna333333 on Twitter.
      Kim in the real world.

  2. WOWZERZ!!! This is the best WHW EVER!! I love Alex in….well, just about anything he puts on, or takes off…… ;D
    Super HOTT picture! As usual, you never fail to amaze me with your perfect pictures & articles! LOVE YOU & YOUR BLOG!! ❤ ;D
    luna333333 on Twitter.
    Kim in real life.

  3. I LOVE him in this suit…he looked A-MAZING in this ep…when he gets out of the car at the party…holy hell..my panties instantly disintegrated!!!!!!

  4. I’m a child of the 80’s. I love a man in a slim suit and skinny tie. RAWWWRRRR!! This suit may always be my favorite. He was at the perfect weight to pull it off and it fit like a glove. Sigh.

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