Group Watch – Alex O’Loughlin’s #CriminalMinds episode “The Big Wheel”

With no new Hawaii Five-0 on the horizon for a few weeks, it’s the perfect time to work in another group watch that people have been wanting to do.

On Wednesday, Dec. 26th, I’ll post Pic Spam for The Big Wheel.  You know, that episode where Alex ….


Makes cool clicking noises..


Does weird things with a bologna sanwich..


…and has a wardrobe with more imagination than his current H50 wardrobe??

Criminal Minds

The Big Wheel

S4 Episode 22

You can purchase on iTunes, Amazon streaming, and various download links are available.  Don’t miss this episode!!  If you think Alex is great on H50, you will be BLOWN OUT OF YOUR SOCK GAME with his portrayal of Vincent!

Since it’s original airing I have watched this episode too many times to count. There are still a few things that I go back and forth on every single time I watch.  Here is your homework…. be prepared to discuss these topics starting on the 26th:


1.  Did Vincent plan on killing the real estate agent or was she in the wrong place at the wrong time?

2. Vincent writes, “HELP ME”. Hotch says, “He could have just turned himself in.”  But could he??

3. What is the appeal of a Ferris Wheel to a child blind from birth?

4.  Alex said in an interview that Vincent needed redemption. Did he earn it?

Please hold your comments on the discussion Q’s till the 26th so we don’t spoil for someone who may not have seen it yet.

Looking forward to this!!! If you don’t know this already, this is my favorite role Alex has ever played.  He’s not charming or sexy or BAMF ….but he f/cking nails this character!!!  It’s the role that made me a fan.



20 thoughts on “Group Watch – Alex O’Loughlin’s #CriminalMinds episode “The Big Wheel”

  1. I admit this is the only episode of Criminal Minds I’ve ever seen but I loved it!! Kudos for the “sandwich” pic btw

  2. Sounds like a great idea! I have always been impressed and amazed by Alex’s portrayal of Vincent. Looking forward to the 26th!
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  3. Fantastic idea ESS…I’m so excited to do a re-watch and to see what everyone has to say about Alex’s most brilliant (IMO) role ever!!

  4. I loved Alex in this role. It certainly shows he has an acting talent that is by far much more developed than we thought at first.. He is absolutely dazzling in this role.. I cried at the end. He really got to me.

    • Anna, I truly can’t count the amount of times I’ve watched and I get choked up every single time. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

      I got choked up doing the stupid screecapping and i didn’t even have the sound on! 😉 Such an emotional episode.

  5. Awesome!!!! What a cool idea! Though I have always had a question about that episode, myself. Since they were not trying to sell Alex’s sex appeal in this thing, why did wardrobe choose dem thermals? Because they did make it hard to focus on the sandwich. Perhaps some of you may have a thought or two about that next week. *iz serious*

  6. I’m in, also… this was for me too first thing I saw and made me fan of Alex forever… I already do have episode, so I’m just waiting for everyone else…

  7. I’m downloading it as we speak! I’ve never seen it (Five-0 was my first encounter of the AOL kind, hardly anything he’s been in has aired in the UK) but need to see this now after so many glowing recommendations!

  8. This episode breaks my heart. His portrayal is amazing.
    I’m going to be out of town and without internet access on the 26th, so here are my thoughts about your questions

    (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!):

    1. He made an appointment to meet the real estate agent, so he definitely planned for her to be his victim.
    2. I don’t think he could turn himself in. He just wasn’t capable of it. That’s one of the things that makes it so sad. It was his way of crying for help.
    3. He might not be able to see the ferris wheel, but he could feel how it turned, imagine the wind on his face, the feel as it slowly rose, as it slowly brought him back down – not so fast that he’d be scared but fast enough so that for someone who couldn’t see. It would feel exhilarating.
    4. I think Vincent earned as much redemption as someone who killed people could. He spent all that time making friends with that little boy, and he never would have hurt him. And in the end, he tried to impress that the boy not blame himself. Plus, there was so much about his life that he couldn’t control – his OCD was just so severe. It doesn’t negate all the deaths he caused, but I was sad that he died.

  9. Just watched! He was awesome. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Happy Christmas, if that’s your game!
    PS–I’m with GraceNotPark, those were some good lookin’ thighs in those thermals.

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