Takes one to know one, Steve. #SmartAss #alexolouglin #michelleborth

Thanks to I Learned It From You Tumblr for the gifs.







That last gif!  Hnnnnnggg!!

This was a great birthday present wasn’t it, Kim???


16 thoughts on “Takes one to know one, Steve. #SmartAss #alexolouglin #michelleborth

  1. Take THAT!!!!

    The looks. The looks he gives her are going to kill me for sure. Kill me dead.

    So…. can I imply from Steve’s words that He himself is done breaking hearts??? 😉

    Best.birthday eve EVER.

  2. The last two epis have been like getting a secret peak into Alex with his own kids. *sighs* Now I love him even more. Apparently there is no cap on this whole fan-girl crush thingy.

  3. Me too, CG!! I’m kinda embarrassed to say how long I sat there and watched it last night when I was trying to post. LOL!! Not to mention how many times I rewatched the scene on the DVR. 🙂

  4. Alex and Michelle are so wonderful together and truly make Steve and Catherine a BELIEVABLE and realistic couple who are well matched in every way, I love McRoll. I think Tristan is another brilliant young actor who has a bright future ahead, Who knows maybe 10 years from now we will see him and “Little Lucy” starring together in a film or on TV His scenes with Alex were awesome and i could not help but think of Saxon Thanks ESS for the wonderful bts pictures,

  5. I could watch him smile and hug her for hours. Alex is so incredibly sexy in this epi but I must say, Michelle is just gorgeous, They are such a beautiful couple. I want to be Michelle for a day, ( wait ,make sure there’s a love scene scheduled) I’d throw away those fugly boots too 🙂

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