McRoll at the Rainbow Drive-In #alexoloughlin #michelleborth

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3 things

1. I could watch that first gif all damn day. All.Damn.Day.

2. Β I LOVE the Rainbow Drive-In

3.Β Steve eats with gusto. <<—you’re welcome.

44 thoughts on “McRoll at the Rainbow Drive-In #alexoloughlin #michelleborth

    • And talks with his mouth full of food. Shoot, now I sound like his mother! *face palm*

      (Let’s be clear, though, he makes eating like he just got out of prison AND talking with his mouth full of food seem really SEXY.)

  1. Rainbow Drive In! I’ve been there, cause some cool friend told me to check it out MONTHS ago. πŸ˜‰

  2. Love that he eats with “gusto”. He’s big and beefy and gorgeous… Look at how he smiles at Cath…. Sigh…

  3. I giggled all the way thru this. Only Alex can make inhaling food sexy. I love his enthusiasm, but I hope for Cath’s sake, he slows down a bit when it comes to “dessert” πŸ˜‰ HIS.ARMS.OMG!! His grin and when he sucks on the straw….I can not get enough of this man!!!!

    • I forgot to mention his OMG.I WANT THOSE ALL OVER ME.HANDS!! Ok, I think I’m done for a while πŸ™‚ It is going to be VERY HARD to concentrate at work today, thanks to this man!

  4. McG must’ve been doing something to work up an appetite the way he’s going after that loco moco. Hmmmm I wonder what??

  5. I just adored them in this episode. I know they do scenes over and over again so with that gusto….I wonder how many mouth fuls Alex had to chow down since there are a few in the….And if he does that with gusto and going after the bad guys with gusto, OMG he has to do the BEDROOM with gusto……I’m going to faint……

  6. I did love that in the moment when he’s happy as a clam, he realizes Cath has something on her mind and asks about it. Poor Steve, he really is well meaning. Thinking this is a “special” date, I think is stretching it…he’s way more perceptive and thoughtful than that…but it’s ok. It gave us this little treat which is much funnier than if they were at a decent sit down restaurant and had the same conversation.

    The end result is he wants her to be happy, he’s thinking about her happiness and that’s all i got to say about that!

    • I almost expected him to have had something more planned but was making her think that the Rainbow was their romantic date.

      • I agree, Kim. That is more in line with his personality, I think this was really stretching the amount of clueless that McG is, but it gave us a great laugh so I’m ok with it. However, seeing his face and probably the closest thing to a “squee” from him (really he was as content as a pig in sh/t!!) I think this really was his big plan. lol.

        • Yeah. It probably * was* his big plan, LOL. But in his characters’ defense Cath isn’t exactly a girly girl- like she said in the Valentines ep last year, she would’ve preferred beers at Haliewa Joes to being at the ball. Poor guy is all confoozdd!!!!

    • trying to make his point likening it to a picnic while crazy guy is waving a gun at him…ROFLMAO! REALLY sorry we didn’t get to see him go all BAMF on the dude.. guess it’s one of atplenkov’s implied things.

      • McG ignoring that dude, “wait a minute” was HI-LARIOUS!! This was probably one of the best openings of the show ever IMO. Loved every single second of it!

        I did miss him going BAMF on that dude’s ass but walking up and planting his face on the glass and the nose ring was pretty awesome.

    • All of the expressions were priceless! And then when the carjacker says “gonna bleed in front of your girlfriend” Caths FAAAACCE!!! She was like “oh, dude… you aren’t gonna like what comes next”

  7. BTW…if you’re ever on Oahu GO TO THE RAINBOW!!! We went on our last night unfortunately so we didn’t get to go back. It’s a great little place. Ironically last night’s episode featured two more of my favorite Hawaiian items…the Rainbow Drive-IN and Kalua Pig!! Yum.

    I miss Hawaii. 😦

  8. Steve is leaning what a full time relationship between man and woman s/b. Food ( br-lu- di) – being alone with a woman – music – what more can she want… Once in a while a special meal – in a special place – with quite moments. By the end of the episode he saw him-self in Ethan by Cath guildance. They hugged walking away from the crime scene. Never happen before.

    Steve changed clothing, and a special evening was on.

    They are great together, as long as the TPTB allows this bond to continue.

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