**spoiler** McG tux gifs from 3.11 #McRoll #alexoloughlin #michelleborth

From the 2nd teaser clip for this weeks episode. I wasn’t going to post these but they’re all over the place….and I love McRoll so here ya go! ENJOY!

Thanks to the amazing @neropatti and her Alex O’Loughin – An Intense Study for the gifs.







I’ve seen complaints that this isn’t Steve type behavior.  I have to disagree a bit.  Steve has always been thoughtful and sweet. We saw it in the pilot episode when he bought Danny a weekend at the hotel for Gracie to swim with the dolphins, he got the Governor to step in so Rachel didn’t take away Danny’s custody.  He picked Cath a flower, he changed his leave to be with her when their weekend was ruined, he’s amazingly empathetic and emotional with victims and children.  These were all moments of him growing and moving beyond a stern, stoic military man. These have been his baby steps.

Steve has always been a man of deep feelings and emotions.  What we’re seeing is character growth….he needs this! The show needs this! He’s finally opening up showing it in a more public fashion. FINALLY!

Will this happiness last? Not completely. Steve has to have conflict.  His relationship with Danny & the team isn’t without conflict so this one shouldn’t be either. That’s his character, but I’m ok with that as long as they give us these moments.  As long as they balance them out with some happy times, and yes i’m talking about happy moments that don’t involve Danny and Gracie and the rest of the Five-0’s. Steve needs to know and accept and reciprocate some love to someone outside the Team.  Michelle was added to the opening credits. She’s not going anywhere. To TPTB I say THANK YOU!

And to end on a lighter note, I have to say this again….That Tux is his BITCH!!  I vote we have a tux scene every season. Please???


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  1. ACA, ESS. This is totes in character for Steve. While he legit has trust issues, he seems pretty much to have great faith in Cath, who indeed always comes through for him. So she’s earned it. And he is totes capable of the grand gesture, as you note. So I’m delighted by this happy moment for them, especially since we get to see him like this. And yep. The angst will come. Cath’s little secret with Doris isn’t gonna be pretty when he finds out. 😦

    • “So she’s earned it.” – Absolutely, GNP! There was a moment in 2.8 was it? When McG came to her house to get Dr. Victor on the No Fly list. At first she was giving him crap about asking for a favor, and that’s understandable but then as soon as she sees Steve is really, truly upset she drops it quickly and the concern for her man really comes out. That was probably one of my favorite moments because it shows what real emotion Cath has for him and hell, Steve even said, “I’m sorry…”. These 2 are great together. For people willing to look past the obvious, you can EASILY see the affection, concern and yes, love they have for each other. Love isn’t always like a romance novel (thank god, puke…) but at times, I guess it kinda is and that’s why they gave is this scene in next week’s episode.

      • Yes, perfect example! Plus she straight out says to him, “You never make a good first impression,” and he humbly says he knows. So they are gut-honest with each other. This relationship is more than we’ve seen on camera before. It goes back, and it goes deep. Even though neither one can bring themselves to say the GF or BF words. But if you’re that intense, that skilled, and that gorgeous, the normal rules of relationships need not apply. Hehehe!

  2. You nailed it! So glad this isn’t all about Danny and his ex for once. McGarrett deserves his own sexy moments… (Would love to see more of Kono and her man, too)…but mostly, I just wanna drool over McG.

  3. love how he wraps his arm around her back and just lifts her in to his arms! My God, would love to see the taping of this, I’m sure he made it a silly momement.

  4. I agree with all of the above! He always had those feelings, now he just learns that showing them is no sign of weakness!
    I ADORE his grinning like a shot fox, when he walks towards Cat. That man KNOWS how good he looks in his tux!
    I did not think last weeks episode could be surpassed in giving me hot flashes and accelerating my heartbeat up to Colibri mode. But this one sure will…

    Where are my betablockers???

  5. Yes yes yes!! I couldn’t agree more with all of you. Going back to season 1, he wanted to have breakfast on the beach when they got interrupted. How can anyone forget the dinner on the beach they probably burned. Steve has always beed affectionate to Cath and I see it as a big part of who he is and has always been. Besides it takes a strong confident man to make a gesture like that in public and in front of all your friends. #McRoll is awesome and is desperately needed for some balance.

  6. Steve has his moments…but this is beyond the pale….. if only for the night. What a night!!

    ESS…thank you for your thoughts, your right on point…. with applause.

  7. 100% agree with all you have said I thank you for it! Steve needs someone in his live and Cath is the perfect woman for him McRoll forever!!!

  8. Love it ESS, your thoughts are a perfect description of our guy! And who wears a tux better than Lt. Cmdr. McHottie?!?!? After I came too from fainting, my thought when he said I’m taking you to dinner, was uh huh, you mean having her for dinner!! Sigh….

  9. Ill comment more intelligently on this whole scene later. For now all I can say is SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    Oh, and in the second git (since ive stared at it 330000 times) it cracks me up that you can see Scott’s p’dour waving in the wind at the bottom of the screen.

  10. ACA he has always had a softness under that hard exterior. I love McRoll! OMG his hands looked HUGE wrapped around her little body! Oh my … those hands.. *sigh*

  11. Just looking at the 4th gif, but it seems to me he sweeps her off her feet with only the one arm. Tall, dark, handsome in a tux and very strong but can I say he is Rockin That Body of his here, he certainly can make the earth move can’t he. 😉 🙂 😉

  12. One more day, guys!! Wheeeee!!!! I can’t wait to see what happens that leads up to this moment. Is there some big blow up between him and Catherine…does Danny and/or team finally sit McG down and lay it out for him that he needs to do something really nice for Cath.

    I have to admit though, my Not McG is very much like Steve. He takes care of me in so many ways on a day to day basis, if he out of the blue did something like this, I’d be very skeptical. LOL! But this is TV and well….it gives us McG in a tux! So bring it on!!

  13. You’re so right! I’ve always loved Steve for the depth of emotion that he has and his generosity, even after all he’s been through. I hope this in this episode he really does step up and show Cath how he feels about her.

  14. And as Steve the Navy Seal he was gone and on missions all the time. Now he has some time to think about settling down! I love Steve and Cath. They are good for each other!

  15. maybe im the only one who does not like Cathe so much, romantically speaking. Those love scenes so far had been forced between those 2. She worked better when she was occasionally on the show. Like the writers want to force their relationship to the fans and that I dont like it. I mean Steve look handsome on a tux sure I cant deny that, but the scene per see it was too much, making out in front of everyoen on the team and the lifting her up look like a scene of the movie an officen and Gentleman. I mean I need to see problems in their relationship like all couples have, so far their lives had been peachy and no couple have the perfect life.

  16. I agree with EVERYTHING YOU SAID AND MORE *ESPECIALLY ABOUT HIM MAKING THAT TUX HIS BITCH!!* His character has to be fully rounded, if all he lives for is the job, he would be very much a character in need of counseling for PTSD. And this right here reminds me of an Officer And A Gentleman. And McGarrett is so that and more! Thanks for sharing the GIFs.

  17. She is keeping a secret from him about his Mom being hunted again, so I see trouble ahead for them! But they look amazing together. It is a tv show and they need to keep lovers and haters happy!

  18. I am absolutely in LOVE with McRoll…and who doesn’t completely dig McG in a tux? The GIF’s are STUNNING, and I am so enjoying watching the slow development of them acknowledging their relationship. And yeah – McG totally made that tux his bitch. #sogorgeousIcanteven

    That scene was a perfect way to end that ep. Steve is an intense guy and that would totally extend to his emotions. Him sweeping up Cath is just one more step toward seeing that crack in that stoic SEAL armor.

  19. I think the powers that be should partner Steve up with Kono (not as lovers) and put Danno more in the background, maybe answering the phone or something. Early in the first season he was kind of funny, but now his constant nagging, attitude, pissing and moaning is getting to be a bit much. He has as much charisma as a dis-disemboweled clam. Just sayin… Also, love Catherine on the show, subtle, beautiful and bad ass. She needs to partner with Chin Ho, who is the unsung hero on that show.

    • I get what you’re saying about Danny. He can be a bit over the top at times though in his defense I think he’s calmed down quite a bit since the dinghy episode. I too enjoy him in a more calm but still witty style but Danny’s snark is part if the charm of the show.

      Welcome to the blog and while all comments and POV’s are welcome, I do request no bashing of the characters (or the actors and their families). That way all fans can enjoy visiting.


      • Agree, Ess, that Danny has calmed down since the dinghy ep and I really, really like him this season. The witty snark is definitely part of the show and I for one would hate it to go. I particularly loved Danny in 3.7 – the scenes with Toast were pure gold – and also in last week’s ep with Madeline. More of this please, writers!

    • what? I do lke to see Kono more involved but Danno is a very seasoned actor, more so then anyone else on the show. I would like to see in the leading role somtimes and to be hooked up with someone, I liked when he and Rachel were getting back together. Not sure what you mean about Chin being the unsung hero. They all bring thier own personalities and quirks to the team and I love it! Just saaying…

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  21. I love this blog and enjoy looking at it everyday and the different facets of this blog. As for the topic I love Alex but I also love Scott and I can’t see Alex/Steve with out Danno/Scott. I think seperate and together they both bring a lot to the show. I saw the lose without Steve last year and then with Lori, there was a few episodes that had less Scott and felt the lose in the show. As far as DDK and Grace Parks they also add so much to the show and I can’t see the show with out either of them. Personally, Lori to me didnt’ add much to the show, but as an actress I watch her in Chicago Fire and love her in that. Though I am sooooo glad that TPTB finally brought in Michelle as a full time cast memeber as well as Masi. I think Masi adds to the show too , but Michelle really adds to the show and as pointed out brings Steve out into the open to start showing his feelings in front of people more and more as the season goes on. Remeber in S3 .3 Danny asked about her and Steve said she wasn’t his girlfriend yet Danny knew better and mpov I think Danny has been since S1 trying to bring these emotions to Steve’s surface and get him to admit and show them. So that is my humble opinon.
    I just LOOOOOOVVVVEEE this show!

  22. The actors all have different personallity, and bring a different prospective to the show. The writers have given them a script to read about their character behavior on the show. TPTB also adds their point of view, and the band keeps on playing.
    Each season one, two and three the writers gave the actors a way to approached their characters. Like real people they must change to grow, and mature.

    The fan base have there likes and dislike of characters. There are weeks when I don’t like the way a character is portryal.
    They do about twenty-two – twenty -three shows a season. I’m sure there will be shows I well enjoy. Great guest actors. Usually short scenes, but their role adds to the storyline.

    Alex/Steve looks happier this year, I’m sure it has to do with female on and off the screen. Danny looks like he walking though the scene or angry. Chin is dependable, but doesn’t want his niece hurt in and way (sea. 02, 03). Kono is growing up and will make mistakes, but it’s her errors to make. That my view, but not TPTB. I have season two DVD and don’t watch it much, because of the saddest of the writing, players, and direction of the show.

    just saying….. 😦

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