Uncle Steve and Lucy #perfection #h50 #alexoloughlin

Ok, I have to confess…sometimes I feel like H50 uses children as emotional manipulation. What do I mean? Hard to explain but it seems like sometimes they’re there to increase the emotional factor instead of actually adding to the quality of the show.

But I think this story line with Lucy was absolutely superb!! She was part of the story in a big way and this little girl who played Lucy? She’s a killer!! I’m not usually taken in by child actors but her? I bought everything she was selling.

Bought it and paid in cold hard cash!!Β 

This may be one of my favorite scenes ever on Hawaii Five-0. It was so real and so heartfelt. Brava Lucy and McG!!

Take a moment and look at the perfection. We need more Uncle Steve and Lucy!!




BEDs3e10_6 BEDs3e10_7


Thanks to Book Em Danno Tumblr for the gifs.

Can someone please tell me her name because I want to credit her!!

31 thoughts on “Uncle Steve and Lucy #perfection #h50 #alexoloughlin

    • Thanks Luna! Man, she has quite the extensive filmography for someone so young! I agree we are going to see much, much more of this wonderful young actress. If we don’t, it’s a complete travesty! I’m adding her to my list of young ‘uns to watch!

  1. I feel sometimes they also make the kids so stupid and unbelievable. Not Lucy, I felt she was very real and I bought everything she was selling too. And whe she said to McG, “I wanna stay with you”, I screamed at my TV “Yes, I wanna stay with him too!” That Lucy is one smart Aloha Girl. πŸ˜‰

    I hope they bring her back as Gracie’s BFF. #teamlucy

  2. As I said on the other post, Lucy has the right idea. I wanna marry Steve when I grow up too. She’s officially a healthy girl.

  3. This girl can act! I bet we will hear of her in the future. Just amazing the way she delivered her lines. Bravo Emily, I bet she impressed Alex too πŸ™‚

  4. I totally agree!!! I loved this scene. Love the whole show!!! But Emily was great!!! Love how they’re giving Grace and friends more time also!! They’re all showing that everyone has excellent skills…

  5. This scene was brilliant….I watched it over and over! That little girl was amazing…my heart was breaking for her…there was a lot of “Awwwwww Luuuuuucy” being said out loud!!!! And Alex…what can I say ….he just gets better and better…is there anyone out there that isn’t in love with Steve McGarrett or at the very least admire and respect him? And good lord, the look on his face when he tells Lucy that he’ll come back for her…if he gave me that look I would do ANYTHING for him…and I mean A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!!!

  6. ACA Ladies.!!!
    This was a magnificent Episode that had it all Everybody was AMAZING and perfectly cast/ Loved the KONO Scenes as well. This will be very interesting but of course little” Lucy” and “Uncle Steve” raised the bar to the limit. Kudos to both for a brilliant piece of acting/ Totally believable and very moving!! The wonderful actress who played the “ALOHA GIRLS LEADER was fantastic as well. All in all one of the BEST episodes of this or any of the previous Seasons., Thank you ESS so much for these GIFs and your comments..

  7. That little girl has got some real talent πŸ™‚
    And Alex…amazing as usual, but even cuter in all the scenes with Lucy

  8. The “ok Lucy. Listen to me. C’mere” gif. OMG! He is so adorable…I am dying. My heart hurts to look at him with her ❀ . ACA love UncleSteve and Lucy! Will be very patient for the tan cargo pics.

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