H50 3.10 promo no #Alexoloughlin :( but #DanielHenney is in the house!!!

Ok, I didn’t know who Daniel Henney was before Three Rivers but I really fell in love with this handsome, commanding actor.  If you haven’t watched Three Rivers, you’re missing out, IMO though the show doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Because this is where I first saw Daniel, I will probably always relate him back to Alex and it was a true desire to have Daniel to appear on H50!! It’s too bad we probably won’t get Alex/Daniel time because the stories look like they are completely separate but I’m crossing my fingers that Daniel’s appearance is a big hit and they bring him back as a recurring character.  If you agree, make sure you give TPTB some positive feedback! 🙂

You are forewarned right now that I will be fangirling a bit over Daniel as the time nears for this episode.

American audiences might have also seen him in the movie Wolverine…he plays a goooooood baddie! 😉

For more information on Daniel, click on his name above to view the very cool webpage for his USA Fanclub.


7 thoughts on “H50 3.10 promo no #Alexoloughlin :( but #DanielHenney is in the house!!!

  1. Look forward to seeing Daniel and Ian as brother in the next episode. They should be in the TPTB view…and come back a few more times in season three.

    • The Powers That Be 🙂 aka Peter Lenkov, CBS, etc.

      That episode was truly, truly wonderful in so many ways. I agree, one of the single best hours of TV in my opinion. I also adored episode 12 which is the one where Dr. Lee (Daniel) worked with the young Korean woman who needed cornea transplants. I feel may need to watch that one again today to prepare myself for tomorrow’s H50.

  2. I’m so excited to see this ep….normally I chop at the bit to see Alex’s scenes on show…but I will be equally happy to see Daniel. In a way, he is a lot like Alex…in that you can’t tear yourself away from watching him….and not just because he’s beautiful but because he is THAT good! I would LOVE for Daniel to get a recurring role on show…and with it a chance for some screen time with Alex…that would be MONEY!!!

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