Fangirl Sunday – Pic Spam #H50 3.07 #alexoloughlin

Gonna try something new. Going to break some more episodes down into my favorite screencaps, kind of like what I did for the Pilot episode a few months ago. Of course my point of view will be largely skewed towards McGarrett because he’s my favorite and this is an Alex O’Loughlin blog. You know what to expect when you come here. 🙂 But I will throw some other caps in as I find them funny, touching, interesting or pleasant to look at.

Pics may or may not be plot related as this isn’t intended to be a recap.  There are plenty of those out there and written so much better than I could do it!! As I’ve always stated, I’m better with pics than words so this is basically just me playing around with pretty pictures as usual.

Hope you all enjoy.

I will be doing random episodes…starting with 3.07 because well, I just love that episode.


1. What’s with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to his right??
(I know, I know……SCOOTER!)


2. McGarrett’s “I’m trying to be polite while figuring out WHAT THE FK is going on!!” Face.


3.  McGarrett’s “If you tell me he’s my new brother-in-law, I’m going to pee myself” face.


4.  McGarrett’s “I know you did NOT just touch my sister’s ass in front of me!” face


5.  McGarrett’s “I’m not only a Navy SEAL but a big brother so I WILL beat up an old man in a wheelchair” face.


6.  Danny practicing his Anger Management Therapy 🙂


7.  McGarrett’s “judging you” face is epic….


8.  No words. Just look. You’re welcome.


9.  This scene! Everything about this scene!!


10.  You can’t cap this episode and NOT include this one!
I soooo love that they’re letting Steve be funny now also.


11.  Gratuitous touching!




13.  Kono comes in like a BAMF. Chin comes in on his head. Not so BAMF. 😉


14.  Ok, THERE’s the BAMF!!  Seriously, I wouldn’t piss him off…


15.  When McGarrett smiles during interrogations….it’s a beautiful but scary thing.
Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. #justsayin


16.  Anyone else totally mesmerized by Alex’s profile? It’s just….unnnfff. FLR.


17.  Bet she’s happy she used her clinical strength anti-perspirant deoderant today.


18.  Three FINE men right there! (no not including the guy in the back…no h8!!)


19.  He’s trying to remember if he turned the iron off…. I hate that feeling.


20.  For “Reasons”…


21.  This made me LOL so hard because it looks like he’s talking on a 1980’s cell phone! BWAHAHA!! (yes, I know what it really is…)


22.  Don’t look now Steve, but I think you’re being followed…and they look pissed.


23.  Bicep p0rn…you’re welcome.


24.  If you look realllly closely you get a little FWA peek!! #simplepleasures


25.  Dear director…THANK YOU!
Dear Wardrobe…this would have been so much better in the tan cargos. #wardrobefail


26.  I am afraid this is the closest we’ll ever come to seeing McGarrett actually surfing. Boo.


27.  Girlfriend needs a hairbrush!! My Mom would be so yelling at her right now.


28.  For the girls who want to see Alex in the kevlar with no shirt…this may be the closest you get. Nice tummy shot …you’re welcome.


29.  Pucker up!


30.  You too!


31.  I miss Steve/Kono moments like this. More, please!

47 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – Pic Spam #H50 3.07 #alexoloughlin

  1. Thanks for this, ESS! As always, the McG close-ups are just delicious and this is one of favourite episodes of the season so far. I am also a BIG McKono shipper, so I really enjoyed that little moment they had at the end (it’s what also should’ve happened in 3.01 when he & Danny found out she almost drowned, but whatever), as well as all the McKono scenes we had in this week’s VS episode too….they make a good team.
    Keep up the good work! =)

    • I’m a bit of a McKono shipper myself even though I’m 10000% McRoll. It seems when it comes to Kono and McGarrett, we get very little comfort for them when something happens. Kono should have been the one to hug McGarrett in 2.10, that will always be the one scene that keeps that from being a perfect episode.

  2. I can’t decide if the scene where Danno is biting his hand during the Toast scene is anger managment or Scotty desperately trying to hold his laugh. LOL Really they should bring Toast back more, the scenes with him were hilarious. I loved BAMF Kono, we see too little of her this season.

    • “anger managment or Scotty desperately trying to hold his laugh.” – lol probably a little of both! The anger management thing was of course, just a joke. But I seriously hope there are some out takes of this scene in the gag reel. There HAS to be!! There is no way they kept a straight face through all this…

  3. This is sooooooo much fun!!
    Alex/Steve at his best…..with so many FACES plus some good old fashion action
    Thanks. 😀

  4. Great work Ess! Love this picspam, so many beautiful shots of Steve 🙂 I totally missed the FWA! 307 was a great episode, good one to start with.

  5. I love pic spam!

    re: the TMNT in the first pic, I was distracted by the colour of her short shorts, I love them. 🙂

    Scott can’t help himself with all the touching. No one blames him. 😉

    I’m still team black cargos. Because I don’t think that t-shirt would go with tan cargos and I love that tshirt.

  6. Thanks! Love the picspam! Is he not just so beyond delicious! Love when he works w/Kono. Thanks for making my grey, rainy morning bright!

  7. It was episode 7 that my friends and I met Alex up close and personal on location. He looked amazing!

  8. 1. Beast.
    2 – 5. I love ALL these faces!
    6. is making me want to rewatch this episode, RIGHT NOW!!
    7. GUNS!!
    8. aldjksaldjskaldjskal
    9. see 6.
    10. STILL FUNNY!!
    11. Gratuitous touching FTW!
    12. Sigh.
    13. Snort. I never noticed this at the time!
    14. Just suddenly remembered I had a dream about DDK last night. *goes a bit pink*
    15. The lighting in this scene loved them so much, didn’t it?
    16. His eyelashes are ridiculous. Can they be seen from space, do you think? Also, GUNS! again.
    17. Heh. They missed a product placement trick there.
    18. There are just guns going off all OVER the place this ep. #notcomplaining
    19. I never noticed before how easy-access the Kevlar is… and I’m very glad they’ve stopped putting pink lipstick on him.
    20. Hands up who else is making that face back at him?
    21. Phone? Sorry, can’t take my eyes off the back of his neck.
    22. The Camaro looks FURIOUS! #winning
    23. See 8.
    24. I would never have spotted that in a million years. You have a gift! (FWAdar?)
    25. ACA and ACA.
    26. I just stared at this for about five minutes. Don’t even know why. Think it’s the arms.
    27. …I got nothing for this one.
    28. Next time one of us needs to be in charge of strategic t-shirt ripping #justsayin
    29 & 30. LOL!
    31. ACA.

    FABulous pic choices and I love your captions, as always! (I was honestly only going to comment on a couple of them, but it just sort of… escalated…)

  9. This is great!

    “What’s with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to his right??” — I might put myself in that position too …

    “McGarrett’s “judging you” face is epic….” — It’s a combo Judging/Derp face! I love it.

    “Kono comes in like a BAMF. Chin comes in on his head. Not so BAMF.” — LOL! I didn’t notice that!

    “When McGarrett smiles during interrogations….it’s a beautiful but scary thing.” SO beautiful and SO scary. Agreed.

    “He’s trying to remember if he turned the iron off…. I hate that feeling.” — Cute. But honestly, THAT is the pic I could stare at all day. unf

    “Don’t look now Steve, but I think you’re being followed…and they look pissed.” — ummmm, funky hairline in this one …

    “If you look realllly closely you get a little FWA peek!! #simplepleasures” — I’m always up for that.

    “Dear Wardrobe…this would have been so much better in the tan cargos. #wardrobefail”” — Thud.

    “I am afraid this is the closest we’ll ever come to seeing McGarrett actually surfing.” — Ooooh. Good thought.

    “Nice tummy shot …you’re welcome.” — Love it! I love how part of his t-shirt is saying, “Nope. I’ll stay right here in the cargoes, thank you very much.”

    Danny’s pucker is epic!

  10. Oh ESS, that was hilarious! I laughed my arse off, and I love the fact that You actually recall 1980 cell phones…
    But i think that was the just McG checking if the iron he forgot to unplug was cold enough to put it back in the car-trunk… 😉

  11. mmmm…. 31 screen caps from my favorite (so far) ep….I feel so spoiled right now. Thank you for all the funny…still laughing my @ss off at some of your comments…and thank you for all the lovely…#4, #19, #20 and #23…I can’t tear myself away (nor do I want to) from looking at these pics!!
    So looking forward to more of this awesomeness ESS!!!!!

  12. ESS This was SO amazing and I loved the pictures and your clever and Hilarious comments. i mean I REALLY loved them Even Steve McGarrett would like THIS “SPAM” Thank you Darling!!

  13. Tummy shot — OMG! I need a moment. To wipe the tongue marks off my computer screen.

    This is AWESOMEnESS! Can’t wait for the next installment.

  14. Thank you Ess for your great job on this fangirl sunday! You guess that i need a good laught. And if you have time and energy could you do it in the others episodes of season 3, please?

  15. Pics awesome of course – but your captions really make them zing! Love it! Kono and Chin coming in through the windows was good for a *snort*.

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