Kevlar Saturday – #alexoloughlin #H50

I know we just saw this last Monday, but I just loved the scene and Alex’s expressions SO MUCH I had to use this picture for today’s theme!!!!

KS 12-8


9 thoughts on “Kevlar Saturday – #alexoloughlin #H50

  1. Hands down funniest scene ever on show to date! Alex, Grace and naked stoner dude were priceless and spot on with their reactions. It was just so surprising because they’ve never done such a funny scene before. I hope we get more!’

    I am beyond happy they’ve let Steve lighten up and let Alex showcase that great comedic timing he has.

    • Loved this scene, thanks for posting, Ess. Definitely the best moment in a not-so-good episode for me. Totally agree with you about Alex and his comedic talent – he rocks it and it is nice to see Steve doing other stuff besides the whole action man thing. Grace was really good in this scene, too and I liked that Kono and Steve worked together. HER face when Steve told her to cuff Makani was priceless.

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