Alex, your faaaace! #H50 BTS pics #alexoloughlin #scottcaan

Doesn’t work babe…still a handsome devil πŸ˜‰ but I appreciate the effort.

Photo credits: Fame Flynet
Thanks to Alex O’Loughlin Journal FB page for the find.





20 thoughts on “Alex, your faaaace! #H50 BTS pics #alexoloughlin #scottcaan

  1. Oh, FML. There’s just no need to be that adorable. I hate you. No I don’t.

    Also, I know it’s not a real gun, but could you please not point it down like you’re doing in that second pic? Sincerely, everyone.

    • Oh god I didn’t even notice that (I can’t imagine why)…for the love of god Alex, and womenkind everywhere, POINT.THE.GUN.SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!

  2. Only he could make goofy faces and still look amazing.

    And look! He’s wearing something totally different in this episode! Not.

    I am a fan of the seaming on those cargo’s

    And. finally – I am calling it now. Hawaii Five-0/2 : Anyone named Baldwin/Zero

  3. Touch of chest hair..nipples..glorious tight cargos…goofy face….my ovaries just did a happy dance πŸ™‚ He just keeps getting frickin sexier every ep!!

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