White Hot Wednesday #alexoloughlin #danielhenney #threerivers #h50

In anticipation of next weeks Hawaii Five-0 episode guest starring Daniel Henney

White Hot Wednesday features both Dr Andy AND Dr Lee

whw 12-5

Something tells me they aren’t going to be quite so chummy on H50 next week


10 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #alexoloughlin #danielhenney #threerivers #h50

      • Yeah, seeing as what we do with McG being in the jungle and him being part of Kono’s story arch…I think that’s one wish that we’re not getting….not this time anyway 😦

        • CBS are chicken-sh!ts then. They are scared tv screens would melt in houses all over the world. 😉
          My tv has been well conditioned to take the heat. I say bring it on, yo!

  1. Two beautiful men…two great actors…I can’t wait!!! Pleeeeeaaaaase show, give us these two in a scene together… just even for a minute or two…it will thrill me beyond words!!!!

  2. NIIICE…… *said really slowly in that “How you doin” kinda way* is there a single color that this man does NOT look INCREDIBLY HOT IN?? My Dad’s eyes changed colors very much like Alex’s (no kinda weird creep factor there) but he couldn’t wear white, gave him a headache every time. I have a mix of my Mom & Dad’s eyes, so more brown, but they do change…. Especially when I’m in the mood…. So can’t hide it from the husband…. LOL!

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